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Month: March 2014

Malpractice Traps That Can Destroy Your Practice

Chances are tragically high that you’ll eventually be sued for malpractice. This holds true even if your practice has done nothing wrong, has an experienced staff, does things by the book and delivers the expected standard of care. One-third of all physicians have already been there, while nearly one-fifth more have been threatened with a

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9 Sure Signs It’s Time to Change Your Medical Billing Software

It may be long overdue when the time comes to change your medical billing software. A practice or billing service company that wants to change its medical billing software certainly faces some serious barriers; from retraining staff on the new system, retiring open accounts on the old, and doing it all while trying to maintain

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How Advanced Practice Nurses Saved America’s Healthcare

Patients today are often underserved, but it’s hard to place too much blame on physicians. Most primary care doctors are completely overworked and exhausted, and they can’t seem to get much relief from that state. The Affordable Care Act, aging baby boomers, and retiring physicians are creating a perfect storm that’s completely overwhelming the health

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Better Patient Satisfaction – Less Lunch

One of the more popular trends in health care today is increasing the availability of health care providers to patients. One way to do this is to add non-traditional hours. Ways of increasing availability via extended hours Adding extra hours for patients doesn’t have to mean increasing your payroll or overhead costs. Rather, it involves

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Docs on the Farm: Still Offering Quality Health Care

No matter if a rural doctor is wearing boots, plaid or a cowboy hat, his or her professional attitudes and beliefs are similar to those found in big-city physicians with windows overlooking Times Square.  At least that’s the conclusion gleaned from a survey published in the Journal of Rural Health. What the Survey Did The

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Mobile Healthcare Still Costly

Though mobile health is seeing increasing adoption across the healthcare industry in the United States, many professionals still consider cost to be a significant barrier when it comes to implementation. Mobile health (also referred to as mHealth) was one of the major topics at the 2014 Annual Conference and Exhibition held by the Health Information

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