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Month: May 2014

Health Care Lacks in IT Security

Despite the numerous patient health information that is stored and transmitted across healthcare systems, healthcare infrastructure struggles with proper security. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conducted a survey in 2020 to gain a better understanding of healthcare security across the United States. The large threat that many medical industry experts face are phishing

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Is Your Medical Office Environmentally Friendly?

Medical equipment, printers, computers – the list seems endless as to all the electronics important to running a successful medical practice. Unfortunately, these machines need electricity and electricity is not free. There are, however, some easy ways you can cut your medical office electric expenses while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Make Your

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Is Your Medical Billing Company Negligent?

Outsourcing your medical billing can be a boon for your practice, but not if you’re with the wrong service. There’s significant variation in the way physician billing companies function, so unless you perform a thorough due diligence before you enter into a contract, you may not save the amount of money you expected. Worst case,

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4 Myths About Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

The number one reason practices outsource their billing is the promise of higher collections. But there are a few misconceptions floating around the healthcare world about medical billing companies. Some are more harmful than others, so we decided to demystify the three that could put your practice into a compromised situation. Myth 1: You Don’t

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7 Very Useful Purchases For Your Medical Practice

Physicians have found that simple purchases have improved their practices. Some make patient waiting time more pleasant. Others are designed for the purpose of making the employee day more pleasant. Still others are for the benefit of increasing the efficiency of physicians and their assistants. With the exception of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, all

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3 Tips For Selecting the Best Medical Billing Company

Choosing a vendor is never a simple task, but knowing what questions to ask makes it a lot easier. Here are three things to look for when selecting a medical billing service and the questions you should ask to determine if they fill the bill. Don’t choose a Service based solely on price. A full

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Big Data in Medical Care

Big data is big business, and consumers are now almost universally used to the drill of signing HIPPA releases and updating pertinent information once a year when they visit their doctor. But how does big data really impact consumers as well as health care providers and insurance and medical billing companies? A recent report uncovered

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Four Steps to a Comprehensive Patient-Pay Strategy

Until recently, the patient’s share of a typical office visit was a fairly straightforward item and an incidental to practice revenue. Often, it was a simple matter of collecting a $15-$20 co-pay. But today, accurately identifying patient responsibility prior to the visit and seeing that it’s collected at the appointment can mean the difference between

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