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Month: December 2014

Keeping Things On Track When Patients Are Your Specialty

As a physician, you’re used to uncovering what is hidden, but to support your work you want your medical billing and practice management to be completely transparent. If your office processes aren’t solid, you could lose time to treat patients which can reduce patient satisfaction and ultimately, your cash flow. Innovative software programs can help

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On-Boarding New Medical Office Personnel

When you’re bringing on new office staff, they need to jump on board the workflow in your office, and they need to do so quickly. There are so many details in a fast-paced office environment, and it’s easy to miss a few as you train new staff. Using practice management software, you can make the

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Simplifying the Processes of Patient Education

A good medical practice is not only involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients’ illnesses, it’s also involved in patient education, reminding patients to take an active role in their own medical care. From Diagnosis to Active Participation When a patient walks into a medical office, he may have a chronic health condition or

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Running Your Practice Efficiently While Complying With the Sunshine Act

Transparency helps you build trust with your patients. Transparency is important, and the Sunshine Act helps keep health care professionals and those who manufacture drugs, medical devices, and other medical supplies transparent in their interactions with each other. As medical office staff, your role is to run your practice in a manner that complies with

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Preventive Services for Older Patients: Scheduling Issues

Older patients have unique medical and scheduling needs. Even if you don’t specialize in geriatric medicine, you have older patients in your practice. Some of them may have been with you for years. As your patients age, chronic and acute health conditions can emerge. As medical staff, your job is to stay on top of

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Improve Patient Care With Practice Management Software

Practice management software helps you focus on your patients’ needs. Is communication about billing concerns and inaccurate patient information an issue in your practice? Practice management software can help you smooth out your staff communication and improve your patient care. Good Administration is Key to Good Patient Care When you’re caring for others, you have

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