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Month: April 2016

Puppy Love: How Therapy Dogs Can Transform Autism Treatment

In spite of the expense, the hassle, the mess and the heartbreak when their four-legged friends pass away, animal lovers are willing to sacrifice their savings and spare time in the interest of pet ownership. These pets provide constant entertainment, of course, but their true value lies in the therapeutic benefits they offer for otherwise

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Pooches, Brain Surgery and PT

With a little imagination, dogs can be effective and wonderful tools and companions in just about any physical therapy regimen . Six year old Jack recently had a cancerous tumor removed and was left without much movement on the left side of his body. To help increase mobility, Jack was prescribed a dog, treats, and

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The Benefits of Water Exercise in Physical Therapy

If you don’t adhere to a fairly strict exercise regimen, it can be very difficult to track how much exercise you’re truly getting. For example, maybe you used to walk your dog twice a day and you’ve recently started only walking your dog only once daily. Perhaps you previously lived in a third floor walk-up

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Hippotherapy – The Healing Power of Horses

Therapists have developed all kinds of innovative therapies to help their clients in creative ways. Dance therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and energy therapy are just a few of the types of therapies available to aid a variety of conditions. Animal-assisted therapy is an established type of therapy that uses dogs, dolphins, or other animals

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How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Autism

When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can be devastating for the entire family. Autism has an impact on a child’s ability to communicate with others and enjoy a normal life. In severe cases, communication can be extremely limited and it may not be possible for that individual to participate in the level of

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4 Physician Enrollment and Credentialing Best Practices

For a lot of practitioners, credentialing is a necessary evil when joining a practice or a hospital’s medical staff. It’s also part of becoming networked with insurance companies. When done well, credentialing stays invisible to practices and patients alike. Done poorly, it can disrupt patient scheduling and cause delays in cash flow as insurers and

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3 Things Holding Back Your PT Practice

Running your own business is equal parts exhaustion and exhilaration. Being able to hire people you enjoy working with and treating patients with care is incredible. Let’s examine the 2 frequent mistakes that small business owners tend to make. There are two mistakes that small business owners have a tendency to make and one that

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How Can You Spend More Time With Patients?

You became a physical therapist to help people, but if you’re in private practice, the majority of your day is often spent on other tasks. The truth is, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to successfully manage a business and treat large numbers of patients. However, there are some steps you can take

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It takes 3 billing statements

According to a MGMA–Medical Group Management Association report, physicians will send an average of 3.3 billing statements before a patient’s outstanding balance is paid in full.  The trickiest conversation a practice has is that of collecting patient balances. The delay may have multiple causes, such as: Practices’ reluctance to talk to patients about money Physicians’

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