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Day: August 18, 2017

To Text or Not to Text – Is Texting Patient Info Safe?

As patients take more control of their healthcare, providers may lose out if they can’t meet modern-day expectations for conveniences like text messaging. This isn’t just a youth movement, either. Currently, 20% of boomers, 44% of Gen Xers, and 42% of Millennials are likely to switch practices unless they can get clear, concise, convenient communication

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Choose Wisely: Understanding Medical Office Software

Finding the right software to run a doctor’s office can be tedious and time consuming: there are myriad options for every task that staff and providers perform. But regardless of the size of the practice or specialties included in it, the best medical office software is the one that works reliably and unobtrusively to organize

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Your Best Digital Practice Partners Are…Your Patients

As more aspects of daily life move online, chances are good your patients are open to moving some of their healthcare experience in that direction. It’s high time to consider your options for accommodating—or better yet, encouraging—patient interactions in the digital space. Practices that engage patients with secure and relatively simple tools can enhance provider-to-patient

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Living the Dream: Seeing Patients and Getting Paid
Practice Management

Living the Dream: Seeing Patients and Getting Paid

The cost of medical care continues to rise while wrangling over the Affordable Care Act replacement continues (and it will continue). With the political turmoil surrounding this issue unlikely to settle down any time soon, the exodus to high-deductible health plans is expected to increase the self-pay payer mix by 4.2% this year. This means

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