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Month: September 2017

PracticeSuite Announces Medical Practice Storm Relief and Assistance Program

PracticeSuite, Inc., a medical office software and service company for medical practices, has launched a storm assistance program for clients impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“We are greatly concerned by the devastation caused by the recent storms,” said Vinod Nair, Founder and CEO of PracticeSuite. “We are supporting our medical practice clients, their staff, and their patients by donating funds to the affected areas and assisting individual medical practices in their recovery efforts.”

The PracticeSuite community’s first line of response began with donating emergency relief funds delivered through organizations with people on the ground in the storms’ impact zones. PracticeSuite has invited its national customer base to join in this response.

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Practice Management Hacks – #8: How To Effectively Manage Underpayments

Hack #8 – Effectively Managing Underpayments No doubt your practice has endured its share of claim underpayments. Thirty percent of claims are denied or ignored on first submission, and 60% of those claims are never resubmitted, according to a 2013 Healthcare Business Management Association article. Common reasons for denial of claims include incorrect patient information (such

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PM Hack #20: Identifying And Overcoming Workflow Challenges In Telemedicine

Telemedicine Creates Its Own Workflow Challenges Currently, 31% of healthcare organizations use video-based telemedicine services, and 34% offer remote patient monitoring, according to a recent KPMG survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics. Demand for telemedicine services varies by region, specialty, and other variables, but there’s potential across the nation for more of it. In a study

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Practice Management Hack #12: Restricting PM System Access – Three Safeguards

Tip # 12 – Restrict Access To Your Practice Management Software Today’s leading practice management, electronic health record, and patient scheduling software is cloud-based, accessible from internet web browser. The convenience and reliability of these solutions are unmatched—not to mention they make ongoing IT support and server and backup maintenance things of the past. However,

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