Can You Afford To Hire An Additional Biller?

Rapid growth is both a blessing and a curse.

You start out with plenty of bandwidth to handle all aspects of managing your practice. Your patients love and trust you. It’s the perfect balance of care and collections.
Then you grow rapidly…and before you know it, your internal structure is fracturing, billing is falling behind, and there’s a noticeable increase in billing errors.
Your patients notice, too. Staff seem hurried and a little less personable.
The first solution that comes to mind is adding a biller, but it’s never that simple:

  • You’re already strapped for time, so who’s going to search for, hire, and train the new person?
  • Your cash flow is already tight, so how will you pay them?
  • Your patient base is growing, and you what you need most is someone to manage your most sensitive area: your practice’s finances.

There’s more than one way to solve this problem. Start by visiting PracticeSuite’s RCM performance guarantees and see how committed we are to helping you scale efficiently and practice profitably.
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Last Updated on February 19, 2019