Expert Interview: Denice Soles of The Step Up Program
Denice Soles is the CFO of the Step Up Program, a California-based training program where individuals are certified to become Certified Medical Billing Specialist to include coding and provide Medical Billing, coding consultation and expert services to providers of services.
We recently asked Denice about her experiences using PracticeSuite software for her business. Here’s what she shared:
Tell us your role in your company? How do you use PracticeSuite software?
I use the software for training and education and for demo purposes to show providers should they want to change over to your system.
Can you tell us a little bit about your business?
We are a for profit, training and certification program, Medical Billing and Coding, for individuals who wish to become certified and for providers who need office training for compliance and best practices.
How long have you been using PracticeSuite? How are you using this software?
Almost a year and I love it!
What made you decide to start using PracticeSuite?
After reviews of other software programs, I found PracticeSuite to be the best program for our company.
How does PracticeSuite compare to other practice management software you’ve tried?
It is less complex than most software programs I have used in the last 16 years.
What are some of the main day-to-day challenges or frustrations of running your practice?
Getting clients can be a frustration.
How has PracticeSuite helped overcome some of these challenges?
PracticeSuite has helped during the promotion period of the business in getting clients to start the classes. For providers, most usually have a system already that they like and will not change because they have already entered into a contract.
What features of PracticeSuite do you like the most?
The ICD-10 gem lookup.
What benefits do you see for your clients as a result of using PracticeSuite?
PracticeSuite has great educational benefits for my clients.
Where do you see room for improvement?
I don’t see any room for improvement at the present moment.
If there was one area of the software that if you could improve right away, what area would it be?
Adding a link that connects to the CMS website.
What has been your experience working with sales or customer service representatives at PracticeSuite? How have they helped your practice?
I have only spoken to one representative and this was to discuss pricing for when I gain more practices and the information was helpful, but not very detailed.
Has PracticeSuite saved you money and improved efficiency and or productivity? With regard to Revenue Cycle Management, has PracticeSuite saved you money, improved efficiently and or productivity?
What would you tell a colleague about your experiences with PracticeSuite? Would you recommend it?
It is the best and I highly recommended it, especially for reporting.
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Last Updated on December 16, 2016