Dr. Ernest Bloom is a Board Certified Dermatologist at California Skin Institute Alameda. After attending the University of California Davis Medical School, he completed his internship at University of California, Irvine/Long Beach and went on to the University of Montreal for his dermatology residency. He treats both adult and pediatric patients, concentrating on providing the best therapy for medical and cosmetic skin issues.
We recently asked Dr. Bloom about how the transition to ICD-10 went at his practice. Here’s what he had to say:
It’s now been eight months since ICD-10. Has it been effective?
No, it hasn’t.
There are some practices that have been finding the transition to ICD-10 to be challenging. Has the transition to ICD-10 been more or less turbulent than you expected? Why?
It has been less turbulent then I expected. We’ve had no rejections and no delays in payment.
Do you have any stories about your transition to ICD-10? (Billing issues, patient issues, etc.)
Yes. I believe our experience has been unique, in that there were no six-month delays in payments. But, it is not over yet.
Can you list one advantage and one disadvantage of ICD-10 so far?
One of the advantages is that we’ve had no delays in payment due to coding problems.
A disadvantage is that it’s still a bit confusing, with ADS extensions.
What insurance payers seem to be the most prepared for ICD-10?
All payers seem to be equal – for now.
If you could say anything to Medicare, what would you say?
Don’t go to ICD-11.
Are there any procedures you can bill under ICD-10 that you couldn’t bill under ICD-9?
None that we’ve found.
How has your medical practice trained staff for ICD-10? Do you have any lessons you can share with our readers?
Yes. Be ready for when they start rejecting non-specific codes.
Does ICD-10 ultimately benefit the patient? Why or why not?
No, it doesn’t. How could coding for left arm skin cancer help anyone?
In the end, do you think ICD-10 will be an improvement for your practice? Why or why not?
There’s been no improvement. It’s just a game.
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Last Updated on June 27, 2016