Marketing Healthcare TechnologyChris Slocumb of Clarity Quest understands the healthcare and tech industries well. She knows that to thrive in the business, one must understand what those working in the field encounter on a daily basis.

That is why Clarity Quest offers professional services as a marketing agency to help those in the industry maximize their potential.

In this interview, Slocumb shares the specifics of what Clarity Quest does for its clients.

As a professional services marketing agency, how do you cater to the specific needs of the healthcare and tech industries?

Clarity Quest specializes in just tech and healthcare clients, primarily in the B2B sector.  B2B marketing has some specific challenges, such as really knowing corporate buying patterns, personal preferences by job title, and budgeting cycles.  For example, we understand the difference between promoting a product to a hospital CTO vs. CIO.

What are some specific services that you offer uniquely to the healthcare or medical billing industries?

We provide everything from a full-service outsource marketing department to project-based work, such as online marketing, marketing automation, and public relations. One specific example in the area of health IT marketing is the great relationships we have with health IT media editors and bloggers.

Talk about what goes into the services you offer. You can break this down by service, or provide an overall umbrella approach to encompass all that you do. Perhaps discuss how services can be tailored to fit the needs of your customers.

In our outsource marketing department model, companies get an entire marketing team from our agency. We provide everything from an acting chief marketing officer to tactical and creative team members.  We develop the strategies, pitch the plan and budget to the management team and/or board, and tactically execute and report on programs.
While this full outsource model is perfect for companies with $2M-$35M in revenue, larger companies retain our agency to supplement their internal marketing team.  Fortune 500 companies have turned to us for messaging, budgeting reviews, and extra hands on deck during growth periods.  We have a specialty in marketing during and after mergers and acquisitions, as well as during product launches.

How do your services take issues pertinent to the healthcare profession (such as HIPAA) into consideration?

Our teams are always on the lookout for campaigns that might get into areas of divulging personal health information (PHI) or financial information.  Since we’re on the B2B side of the fence, our marketing campaigns are not quite as impacted by HIPAA as companies marketing directly to patients.  But we have to be aware of rules such as HIPAA, Can-Spam, and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), especially in the areas of email campaigns and online transactions.  We do work with our clients’ corporate legal team on grey area issues.

Do you offer specific software or solutions for those dealing with medical billing? If so, please describe these solutions or software offerings.

We have several clients that offer medical billing, scrubbing and revenue cycle management products, but we don’t offer these solutions.  We market our clients’ billing systems and services to practices, surgery centers, and health systems.

What are some of the biggest challenges in marketing healthcare technology, and how does Clarity Quest deal with these challenges?

Staying up-to-date with the ever changing landscape in healthcare technology is one of this area’s biggest challenges. For example, many companies put all their marketing messaging eggs into the ICD-10 implementation basket, and then Congress extended the deadline.  As a health tech agency, we have to keep eyes on federal regulations, state healthcare laws, healthcare mandates, and technology trends.  Plus, we have to speak fluent technology and healthcare lingo.

How does Clarity Quest handle healthcare data centers and cloud hosting?

We market healthcare data center technology and cloud hosting products for clients.  We’re big believers in the cloud; almost all of our corporate infrastructure is in the cloud, which allows us to communicate effectively across our three office locations.

What are some trends in the healthcare industry that Clarity Quest is staying on top of to better meet the needs of clients?

The healthcare industry is driven by peer-by-peer engagement and recommendations. It’s much more effective to get your customers in front of potential buyers versus your sales team. At a recent trade show, we organized a “Meet the Experts” session in which prospects could talk with current customers with similar profiles and needs.  This was extremely effective, as the raving customer fans did most of the selling!  And educating decision makers using thought leadership pieces is also extremely effective in reaching the C-level.

Please share anything additional that you would like readers to know about Clarity Quest and the services you provide.

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Last Updated on June 2, 2021