Dr. Jupitor Chakma, MD on Holistic Health Practices

Holistic Health Practices With the rising cost of health care, the lack of access to health insurance, and an increasing awareness of cultures from all over the glob (past and present), more and more attention is being paid to the world of holistic health (or “alternative”) medicine.

Seeing as how science has not always taken this field seriously, it can be difficult to know where to find trusted information amid the proliferation of the Internet. In other words, it can be difficult to discern fact from opinion.

To fill this need, Dr. Jupitor Chakma created the Health Blog, sharing information on a wide variety of holistic topics from diet and nutrition to addiction recovery.

Dr. Chakma took a moment to answer our questions, tell us about the Health Blog, and share some useful resources for people to blend technology with wisdom.

The description for Healthyone.org reads “A Unique Health Blog With Unique Contents.” What makes Healthy One unique among health blogs? What are some examples of unique content?

My Health Blog is unique because most of the contents of this blog are unique, and you may not find them in any other health blog. Some of the examples of unique articles are What Are The Symptoms Of Ovulation, The Medical Use Of Opiate Derivatives, and Alternative Medicine In Treatment Of The Common Cold.

On the section for Alternative Medicine, you talk about people turning to more natural ways of treatment, rather than immediately turning to a doctor or pharmaceuticals. To what extent do you think this is caused by people not being able to afford medical expenses? What good may come out of the tendency?

I never say not to consult your doctor when it is required. In fact, in the “Disclaimer” page, I clearly warn visitors not to take the contents of this blog as medical advice and to consult a doctor when necessary. The contents of this Health Blog are meant to educate people/visitors about health in general. Going natural is always good, because in going natural, you are eliminating the risk of several artificial products such as artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavoring agents, which may be harmful to health, even though they may be permitted by law.

What are a few traditional treatments that are exceptionally popular and seem to be particularly effective?

In my experience, some of the traditional treatments may be effective, which is why treatments such as ayurveda, yoga, chiropractic care, and naturopathy are so popular.

Health Blog also features a section for ‘Diet And Nutrition Facts’. What are a few misconceptions people have about their diet that may be affecting their health without them realizing it? What are some deficiencies that can come from eating things like too much take-out or packaged foods?

A healthy and balanced diet is the most essential aspect of good health. Some common misconceptions about diet are:

(1) all fats are bad and should be avoided; the truth is that some fats are essential for our health, such as essential fatty acids.
(2) Cholesterol is bad for health; the fact is that cholesterol is essential for us, because it is the precursor for several types of hormones such as sex hormones.

Eating too much take-out foods may lead to vitamin deficiency, especially water soluble vitamins; and also there may be a deficient intake of fiber, which is not good for GI health.

You have also written extensively about controversial subjects like addiction in a lot of different contexts, which historically has been hard to talk about rationally. How important is it to spread information about diseases like addiction? What dangers can demonization and misinformation have?

Addiction to various drugs is one of the most important social evils across the globe. All nations are facing the challenge of drug addiction. It is very important to spread the perils of addiction, especially to the younger generation who thinks getting a “kick” once by taking a drug will not harm them while providing an excellent experience. That is not true, and this one “kick” can destroy the life of that young person and his/her family as well. Correct information about the perils of drug addiction and its effects on individuals, families, society, nations and international relations is very important.

You provide natural remedies for common ailments like constipation and to help people alter their behavior like quit smoking. What have been some of the most popular remedies from your site?

I think the most popular natural remedies from my Health Blog are for constipation and menopause.

What are some ways that people can integrate holistics and naturopathy with Western medicine? What are some reasons people might want to do this?

There are various ways of using naturopathy and alternative medicines along with Western medicine. But unfortunately, there are many ailments that scientific Western medicine does not have a satisfactory solution for, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and arthritis. Holistics and alternative medicines can be very helpful in such situations.

Can you give us a few quick tips on basic things everyone can do to start getting healthy right now?

Well, the most important way to remain healthy is to eat healthy and be physically active, which does not necessarily mean going to the gym daily for exercise. Also, eat a healthy well balanced diet which provides adequate vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and fiber; as well as macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

One simple way to get all these nutrients is to have cereals (whole grains) along with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and the usual meat, fish, and poultry. Regular physical activity can be considered adequate if a person takes approximately 10,000 steps daily. Use a pedometer to count your steps.

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