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Your Money Matters - Outsourced Medical Billing Services - RCM Series

The Decision To Outsource Can Be a Tough One

Many of our doctors have made the financial decision to outsource claims management and collections to PracticeSuite’s expert RCM services team. Here’s why they choose not to handle RCM in-house:
We’re doing better than we have ever done before…my collection rate has improved.”
The support from our dedicated billing team is wonderful.”
Customer service has been phenomenal.”
One of the best decisions I’ve made.”
If you’d like to…

  • Reduce your billing and collections expenses
  • Improve your percentage of collections over last year
  • Reallocate staff––to increase time with patients and improve patient satisfaction
  • Have more time for yourself
  • Have the money to go with it

…Then use our Third-Party Medical Billing Calculator to explore the benefits of outsourced billing services.
And schedule a 1:1 to see how PracticeSuite can help you practice more profitably.
Is Your Claim to Collections Rate 95%?

Last Updated on February 19, 2019

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