Green Medical OfficeMedical equipment, printers, computers – the list seems endless as to all the electronics important to running a successful medical practice. Unfortunately, these machines need electricity and electricity is not free. There are, however, some easy ways you can cut your medical office electric expenses while being environmentally friendly at the same time.
Make Your Employees Conscious of Expenses and the Environment
Employees might feel your medical office is just another business not affected by individual actions. You need to remind them to save money and help the environment. Here some surefire ways to do that

  • Turn off all medical and office equipment and lights when not in use and when your office is closed. This might seem difficult at first but once your office staff gets in the habit it becomes second nature to them.
  • Monitor your thermostat setting so that your office staff is comfortable. Don’t overheat in winter or crank the A/C too high in summer. This is expensive and definitely not good for the enviroment.
  • Since many of your office personnel will be wearing scrubs offer to do your employees’ laundry. It’s less harmful to the environment to do a larger load and your employees will see it as a nice perq!
  • If you have any local clean-up efforts, send an office team to participate in them. It will highlight your practice’s role in the community and underscore your environmental commitment to your office staff.

Whatever you do, start small and keep it simple. Let your office staff follow up one good habit with another and before you know it, your office will have less expensive and everyone will feel good about being green and helping the environment.

Last Updated on May 19, 2014