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Full Range of Services Plus Satisfied Customers Earn M-Scribe A Great Review

M-Scribe Medical Billing Company provides a wide range of services, including billing, coding, credentialing, payer contract review, and accounts receivable services. It distinguishes itself from other services through its documentation process, which ensure only relevant patient encounter content gets entered in a practice’s EHR. Monitoring content leads to more accurate procedure and diagnosis codes, which helps M-Scribe process claims within 24 hours.
The Service was established in 2002 by a group of physicians and now includes more than 500 healthcare professionals working with more than 200 clinics. It partners with a large number of EHRs, integrating with them to provide a complete billing solution, claim processing by certified medical professionals, and revenue cycle management.

M-Scribe’s Revenue Cycle Management services include:

  • Patient pre-authorization
  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Claims denial management
  • Patient side of collection
  • Provider credentialing
  • EDI rejections
  • Payment posting
  • Patient statements processing
  • AR management
  • Medical coding review
  • Medical practice productivity review
  • Patient billing inquiries support
  • Payer contract reviews

With patient collections becoming increasingly important, M-Scribe’s program is designed to optimize and expedite payment. Its custom payment portal automates patient statements to encourage patients to pay bills online. For paper payments, M-Scribe has a lockbox solution that automates the process of opening the mail, creating deposit tickets, depositing checks, reconciling balances, and posting patient payments.
The company has several e-books available for download, including “12 Tips to Improve Medical Practice” and “Best Practices to Increase Collections.” Its blog covers topics of interest to both providers and billers. For example, its post on avoiding claim denials related to prior authorization advises providers not to be afraid to appeal when a payer denies a claim. Although time consuming, this process is “very effective in changing the outcomes of your claims,” writes M-Scribe’s general manager.
Similarly, there are posts on RCM trends for 2019, information on coding opioid-use disorder correctly for pain management patients, and “5 Specialties Facing Bigger Medical Coding Challenges in 2019.” It relates how nephrology, radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, and pediatrics continue to see ICD-10 coding changes, including 25 new codes for newborn complications.

M-Scribe tells potential customers that medical practices tend to underestimate the cost of in-house salaries, employee turnover, IT, and inefficiencies in billing processes. It says that even practices that outsource their billing are paying hidden fees that drive up costs. Practices can use M-Scribe’s online calculator to estimate billing expenses.

What customers say about M-Scribe
Surgery center in Pennsylvania

We have been working with M-Scribe for about four years. The dedicated account manager is what stands out for me. An immediate response by the same person to any problem is the best compliment. Someone is available “on call” 24 hours a day, including weekends, which is quite reassuring and has been useful on the few occasions that it was necessary. Not being put on hold forever and forced to push endless buttons is refreshing today.

Orthopedic practice in Connecticut
Your service is easy, efficient, fast, and has saved my office thousands of dollars a year by eliminating an in-house medical billing department and the cost associated with additional employees. By eliminating the positions, office/computer space can now be used for more productive purposes.

Pediatrician in Massachusetts
After wading through some similar billing service companies, each with their specific benefits, I am now a happy client of M-Scribe and intend to stay with them until I retire. They are prompt, helpful, highly professional, and competitively priced. What more could you ask for?

M-Scribe Medical Billing earns a great review based on services, expertise, and customer satisfaction. In addition, M-Scribe’s outsourced billing services offers the highest level of third-party billing services available in the industry. Find out more about outsourced medical billing services.

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