apple healthMobile healthcare is emerging on the horizon like a bright morning sun–and it could ascend like a rocket within the next year, making Apple the first information technology company to digitally personalize the health and medical industry.
So what is Apple getting ready to launch that will allow you to carry your own personal doctor in the palm of your hand? It’s called Healthbook, it’s being billed as a “body-monitoring” app for Apple devices and will be able track everything from your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate) and blood sugar to how well hydrated you are. Apple has even hired Jay Blahnik, a fitness guru and well-known authority on fitness and exercise in addition to an army of specialized engineers with experience in medical sensoring technology. Industry insiders speculate that all this movement at Apple’s corporate headquarters indicate that the Healthbook app will include a wearable device capable of sensing changes in body systems.
According to leaked and purposely released information about the Healthbook, the interface is similar to the Passbook application currently employed by iPhone. Specifically, Healthbook will offer different colored “cards” that track information relating to weight, respiratory rate, nutrition, vital signs, bloodwork, sleep and physical activity. For example, the fitness tracking tab is expected to reveal how many miles the user walked, how many steps they took and how many calories they burned while walking. Users can also track the progress they make while engaged in a fitness program and pull up a graph to better visualize changes in weight and body mass index.
Would you like to know your blood pressure and heart rate at any time during the day? Simply activate the monitoring device expected to accompany Apple’s Healthbook app and store data to compare it with future BP and heart rate numbers.
How Healthbook plans to keep track of your blood chemical composition (oxygen saturation and blood glucose) is still vague but it is speculated ( and probably more viable than not) that lab reports sent to patients via fax, email or even SMS will be distributed to Healthbook using cutting-edge hardware/software technology.  For many diagnosed pre-diabetics and confirmed diabetics, the ability to track blood sugar levels more quickly with Healthbook than with standard blood trackers  could significantly improve their long-term health by recognizing trends in their blood glucose and preemptively do something before serious problems occur.
Users will also have instant access an “emergency card” containing everything from the full name, birthdate, eye color, weight, blood type and any other information pertinent to the user receiving appropriate health care in an emergency situation.
With the inevitable launch of their impressive Healthbook app, Apple is essentially announcing that the virtual doctor is–in!
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Last Updated on March 15, 2014