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NursesAlthough all nurses today rely on modern technology to perform their job as efficiently and accurately as possible, a discrepancy exists between using technology and providing educational opportunities to nurses who are involved in nursing education. An assistant professor and registered nurse working at the University of South Florida College of Nursing, Elizabeth Jordan, stated recent interview that a significant “generational divide” exists which negatively affects the ability of older nurses to integrate the use of advanced health and medical technology into their work routines. She also points to the fact that nurses in their 20s and 30s grew up during the rise of the digital age and are naturally more adept at catching on to this new, high-tech method of nursing.

With aging Baby Boomers causing a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking healthcare, hospitals, emergency care centers and private physician practices are growing bigger and demanding better communication systems among all members of a healthcare “space”. Nurses now consider laptops, iPads and other digital devices as necessities rather than options. Moreover, Jordan wants to see RNs and LPNs working with new technology at the deployment phase of these state-of-the-art products and services instead of tech companies waiting to demonstrate a product or service that is already familiar to the nurse. According to Jordan, “Nurses would be able to provide rich insights into a new, technologically modern health project if they were allowed to be at the table from the beginning.”

Simplifying the Complexities of Medical Billing

In addition to being responsible for patient care and facilitating physician duties, nurses also play a critical role in the medical billing process by providing detailed reports on diagnoses, treatment and aftercare of patients, all of which require precise attribution of specific codes.The amount of administrative work performed by nurses is enormous and essentially unknown to people who are unfamiliar with “behind-the-scenes” tasks performed by nurses. By allowing nurses to provide insight into ways that medical billing and RCM software could be optimized to enhance productivity and patient care, private physicians and various medical facilities will be empowering their ability to maintain accurate medical billing recordsusing software and/or a cloud services to keep data properly secured and accessible at all times.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2021

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