high end medical office resized 600A newly acquired round of funding totaling approximately $40 million will aid One Medical Group in the expansion of their chain of high-end doctor’s offices. Patients of a One Medical Group doctor office pay an annual service fee of $200 that rewards them with quick access to doctors as well as many other perks and features. In addition to scheduling their own same-day doctor appointments online, patients can also get laboratory results back more quickly with on-site testing and keep track of their health in between visits.
Much the same as you might pay a higher gym membership fee to belong to a health club that offers exclusive perks, a membership to One Medical Group has been beneficial and enjoyable to its patients, including employees of exciting new technology startups. Founder and CEO of One Medical Group, Tom Lee, explains that the technological advancement of One Medical’s services helps patients enjoy better primary care services. Although the idea of an annual membership might cause some eyebrows to be raised, the trade off seems well-worth it as patients receive timely care that’s high quality and affordable.
At present, One Medical Group has 27 doctor’s offices located across the United States. With the newly acquired funding they plan to expand into new markets. Current locations include Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Existing investors and Redmile Group participated in bringing together the $40 million for the new expansion. Since the San Francisco-based medical group was founded in 2007, they’ve raised a total of $117 million to date.
Amidst the excitement of One Medical’s funding news, are continued efforts to get medical facilities, large and small, on the bandwagon with electronic health records systems. Also known as EHR, the implementation of these systems has caused an uproar in the medical field. Most smaller facilities, such as One Medical Group doctor offices have had to try incorporating EHR systems that were originally created for large hospital facilities and later adapted for smaller locations. Although an imperfect solution, it was all that was available to doctor’s offices and small clinics for a while.
At PracticeSuite, we’ve created an EHR system that was built from the bottom up to meet the specific needs of doctors and medical staff members in private practice. Rather than be forced to use cut-down versions of an EHR system made for a large hospital, PracticeSuite has been created with private practices in mind.
The highly user-friendly system is sold to private practices at an affordable monthly payment, offering cloud computing and a variety of features often not available in products made for larger medical facilities. At PracticeSuite, we recognize the unique needs of private practices and listen closely to our customers.
Private practices, such as One Medical Group, will benefit greatly by using an EHR system made with their needs in mind. Instead of losing time on a cumbersome system that doesn’t really suit them, private practice doctors and medical staff members can focus their attention on what’s important: their patients.
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Last Updated on April 22, 2014