genomeOver the last few decades, genome sequencing has become more and more affordable.

Genome sequencing is the ability to identify the unique DNA fingerprint of an organism and understanding the order of its DNA bases. This medical technique is crucial in transforming disease detection because it provides data about bacteria. As the cost of genome sequencing decreases and becomes similar to that of conventional testing, the opportunities for patients have expanded.

The benefits of speedy genome sequencing include:

  • Instead of general cancer treatment, particularly in colon cancer, tumor properties are determined and treatment is pinpointed to what is most effective on the particular tumor that is involved.
  • Detecting treatment for specific blood cancer
  • Triggers for conditions such as strokes and Alzheimer’s disease may be isolated.
  • Susceptibility to different types of cancer, like colon or breast cancer can be identified.
  • It can determine if a person is a carrier of any hereditary disease.
  • Sequencing can discover if a person is predisposed to a condition or disease so that preventive measures can be taken and early treatment initiated.

Genome sequencing can even determine if a person is predisposed to develop macular degeneration. If so, they are advised to take precautions and avoid exposing their eyes to the sun. It can determine if a person has a resistance to a certain medication or vulnerable to succumbing to the risks of anesthesia. There seems to be no end to its capabilities.
Having a sequencer and understanding of interpreting DNA results will provide life saving information and treatment to patients

Skyward Growth

Yahoo News specifies that the global genome sequencing market is expected to increase 9% in revenue during the next five years. This is largely due to strides in research being made due in rare and terminal diseases such as cancer. As  treatment and diagnosis options continue to increase, advancements in technology have aided how the medical industry is able to aid patients. The interest in sequencing is primarily due to institutes, labs, and schools all conducting research and performing high volumes of genome sequencing.

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Last Updated on March 19, 2021