PracticeSuite continues to evolve the visual design and overall organization of the practice management screens to drive user efficiency. The latest release focuses on enhancements in navigation and screen design. As the release is made available, streamline your practice setup, fee schedules, and overall interaction with the software through these new design improvements.
Below are some key highlights and a screen gallery showcasing some of the designs.

  1. Home Page Navigation – enjoy the simplicity of the larger, more space efficient navigational menu panel on the left side of the home page.

PracticeSuite Medical Billing Software Home Screen

  1. Patient Screen – gain an instant perspective of the patient demographics and historical information from the new screen design. Quickly navigate to modules such as Case, Authorizations, Eligibility, etc. using the new, colorful icons adjacent to the patient information.

PracticeSuite Medical Billing Software Patient Screen

  1. Patient Screen Financial Summary – with a click of the mouse, a patient’s financial summary sweeps in from the right side of the screen to reveal eligibility information, insurance coverage, and patient due charges for today and past visits.

PracticeSuite Medical Billing Software Patient Screen with Financial Summary

  1. Fee Schedule – within a single screen, both standard and custom fee schedules can now be setup and updated for each CPT line item. And, easily import values for an existing fee schedule to create a new, custom fee schedule for your practice.

PracticeSuite Medical Billing Software Fee Schedule
Enhancements to usability as provided by this latest product release will help our medical billing customers quickly locate information they need to accomplish their work and help them provide better patient service.  All customers are encouraged to  take a few minutes to review the full release notes. Access the release notes now.
If you are reading this article and are not a current PracticeSuite customer, please know that we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers run profitable practices. Try our free medical billing software, schedule a demo, or learn how we are helping practices protect against PHI compliance risks and cyber threats.

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Last Updated on July 25, 2017