Medical Billing DigestFine Tuning the National Healthcare IT Timeline
Well-known healthcare executive Dr. John Halamka says he’s seeing signs that even well-resourced medical centers will struggle to concurrently achieve

  • Meaningful Use stage 2 attestation
  •  ICD-10 go live
  •  HIPAA Omnibus Rule readiness
  • and Accountable Care Act implementation

Further, Halamka suggests new timelines for all these events, including extending ICD-10 enforcement deadlines by six months.

Reference Pricing: Another Tool That Saves Money, or a Limitation on Care?
This is a thoughtful article on setting standard pricing for a medical goods and services. Here, the author explores the pros and cons and puts reference pricing into the context of the bigger movement toward transparency in medical pricing.
IQCP: Individualized Quality Control Program
In addition, this post addresses the question of whether or not physician offices with in-house labs must change from equivalent quality control to IQCP, which begins January 1 but is voluntary. Finally, the article describes the program in depth and suggests ways for practices to proceed if they decide to develop an IQCP.
Making the most of ICD-10 testing
Carl Natale, editor of ICD10Watch, says providers can learn a great deal from ICD-10 testing, including how much medical coding productivity can be expect, whether or not accuracy will be a problem with medical coders familiar with the new codes, what systems use ICD codes, how much reimbursement may change, and where documentation needs to improve.
Cut Out the Copying and Pasting in EHRs!
The American Health Information Management Association says cloning (copying and pasting patient information in an EHR) is common practice by more than 74% of doctors. This article explains why the practice can lead to billing fraud and incorrect patient data getting propagated in records.
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Last Updated on December 4, 2020