cms 1500 Claim FormInvestigating the Mystery of Mesa County Medical Costs
Will consumers really be able to “shop around” for hospital- and physician-based care? Things are headed that way, according to this article from a Grand Junction, Colorado TV station. Colorado created a state-wide claims database a few years ago to increase transparency, and residents can now see how much local hospitals charge Medicare on average for certain procedures. Not surprisingly, prices differ by $10,000 in some cases.
Tiger Team Urging HHS to Ditch HIPAA Access Reports
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health (ONC) wants HHS to change a proposal that would allow patients to access reports showing which health organization staffer examined their information in an EHR, reports
Government Health IT. ONC is responding to several organizations’ opposition to the proposal, including the American Hospital Association and the College of Health Information Management Executives. The organizations feel proposal would technically impractical and administratively burdensome.
Kaiser Reports Second Fall Data Breach
Healthcare IT News reported that an unencrypted USB drive that went missing has caused Kaiser Permanente to notify just under 50,000 patients seen at its Anaheim Medical Center their protected health information (PHI) has been compromised. Names, dates of birth, medication data, and medical record numbers were on the drive. Kaiser Permanente reported a HIPAA breach in September as well when an attachment containing PHI was emailed outside the Kaiser network.
CMS Releases ICD-10 Video
Last week, CMS announced a new video on its YouTube channel. In “ICD-10: Implementation for Physicians, Partial Code Freeze, and MS-DRG Conversion Project,” Pat Brooks and Dr. Daniel Duvall from the Center for Medicare, Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group discuss the transition to ICD-10 for medical diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding.
Overview of PracticeSuite Medical Billing Software

Last Updated on December 6, 2013