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90% of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Employees Risk Information Security
Because healthcare professionals are frequently on the go, those without a safe file-sharing system are resorting to free services that present enormous security risks. This article from Medical News Today contains data from Workshare’s “Workforce Mobilization” report, including the fact that 72% of healthcare professionals use their personal devices for work and 55% use free file-sharing services to collaborate.
MGMA to HHS: Initiate End-to-End ICD-10 Testing
In a letter to Secretary Kathleen Sebelious this week, the Medical Group Management Association said the front-end testing HHS is planning for ICD-10 is insufficient. MGMA warns that without end-to-end testing, HHS could experience back-end problems like the ones seen during the rollout of In the letter, MGMA makes a number of recommendations, including expanding the current Medicare front-end testing week in March to allow complete end-to-end testing with any willing physician practice.
Nebraska FPs Betting on Success With Their Own ACO
This in-depth article from the American Academy of Family Physicians looks at a group of nine independent family practices in rural Nebraska that have formed an accountable care organization (ACO). The SERPA ACO began in January and requires its members to have an EHR and be at or close to Meaningful Use Stage 1. The article contains lessons-learned and advice for practices considering becoming involved with an ACO.
Cyber Security Watch List for 2014: Seven Trends
New York-based risk mitigation firm Kroll has outlined the top cyber security concerns for 2014, andHealthcare Informatics reporter John DeGaspari spoke with Kroll’s senior managing director about how the forecast relates to healthcare providers. The list includes risk related to sharing patient information with outsourcers, malicious insiders (including contractors), and new standards related to data breaches.
Doctors Need to Take the Reins of the mHealth Movement
At the mHealth Summit this week in Washington, DC, panelists said the biggest challenge to the mHealth movement is too much data that doesn’t have an effect on the patient-provider relationship. With the proper systems in place, mHealth is seen as a way to bring healthcare to remote locations and reduce travel by patients and physicians.
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Last Updated on December 14, 2013