PracticeSuite DigestMedical Identity Theft: Recommendations for the Age of Electronic Medical Records.
Stories of medical identity theft are cropping up with increasing frequency. This 22-page report from the California Attorney General’s office says providers should build awareness of the issue in their practices, make patients aware of the consequences of theft, use anomaly detection and data flagging to help prevent theft, and create procedures for how flagged records should be investigated.
Ohio Hospital Puts Docs on the Spot To Lower Costs (Audio)
Lisa Chow of NPR’s Planet Money team details how Summa Akron City Hospital shares data in a group setting with its cardiac surgery team in an effort to save money. The data includes type of medicines prescribed, number of lab tests, and percentage of on-time surgery starts. One physician says he would not have been as quick to change his behavior had he not seen the data.
IT Investments Paying Off For Healthcare Providers
This article describes several ways providers in Central Massachusetts have benefited from their early adoption of health IT. The payoffs include early detection of high-risk situations, giving patients access to unified online portals, and providing robust data about populations that should receive special focus.
5 Tips for Successful Hiring
Kelsey Brimmer, associate editor at Healthcare Finance News, offers these five ways to improve your hiring practices: recruit people who are likely to be good performers and are likely to stay with the organization, treat people with honesty and integrity throughout the hiring process, hire for fit, validate and standardize your hiring process, and attend to onboarding and socialization processes.
Severing Payer Contracts: How Physicians Can Leave a Health Plan
Attorney Robert Schiller provides a wealth of information about ending a health plan contract in this article. Schiller says any health plan that is steering business to other providers or lowers your fees while dangling quality bonuses in front of you should be considered for termination. He then takes providers step by step through the process, including reviewing your contract, finding out when you can cancel, identifying a breach of contract, and exploring provisions that trigger the right to terminate.

Last Updated on November 29, 2013