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Accuracy of coding in ICD-10 pilot varies, report says

Researchers for HIMS found that ICD-10 coding accuracy varied widely by type of medical condition. The society has produced a 54-page report with the results of a pilot program. The coders in the program produced accurate coding less than two-thirds of the time.

5 ICD-10 takeaways from the front of the pack

Government Health IT offers five lessons: embrace technology, hire enough help, use dual coding as a training tool, look for ICD-9 codes in unlikely places, and record your ICD-9 baseline before the transition. 

Preparing for the Productivity Gap: Protecting Your Revenue When ICD-10 Goes Live

Since coder productivity levels in Canada still have not returned to those seen in the ICD-9 days, healthcare leaders must prepare for dip during the transition. The author suggests adding coders now before those resources become unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Benefits of web-based medical billing

This article includes saving money, greater flexibility, real-time data access, and secure servers to help with HIPAA compliance. It even describes what you should look for in a cloud-based medical billing service: responsibility, financially strong, and efficient.

Deaths at VA hospital blamed on poor EHR use

 According to the VA Inspector General, better documentation and communication would have altered the chance for 3 patients at Memphis Medical Center,. An ED patient informed a nurse of an allergy, but a physician wrote a paper order for an anti-inflammatory containing aspirin, missing the allergy alert. The patient died from the subsequent allergic reaction.

Last Updated on November 24, 2020