If you’re looking for the most flexible and comprehensive ICD-10 code search tool, you’re in the right place. We’ve already given you a brief overview of the top eight ICD-10 Coding Tool candidates we selected, and now we’re looking at our number one choice: PracticeSuite.
In addition to helping thousands of customers boost their billing efficiency and accuracy, PracticeSuite also received the top-pick award from SoftwareAdvice.com. Let’s look at the many reasons PracticeSuite has risen to the top in this essential category.
Beyond GEM Mapping
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Many ICD-10 code search tools use derivatives of GEM mapping. This means that they simply try to pair an ICD-9 code with the ICD-10 equivalent. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always — or even often — work because ICD-10 codes prove far more complex and specific.
In fact, a single ICD-9 code can return thousands of possible matches in the ICD-10 directory. When faced with such a large volume of potential matches, coders and other healthcare professionals struggle to keep up with the backlog of work that slowly develops.
PracticeSuite’s ICD-10 search tool adds both alphabetical and tabular lists to the equation. You can select groups of coding categories to better understand the options, and you can search alphabetically or based on the region of the body or type of ailment.
The system also learns from your behaviors. You can create a “favorite” list of ICD-10 codes, which will vastly speed up your coding process. In niche specialties, for instance, coders often use the same ICD-10 codes multiple times per day. You don’t have to go through the search process to find what you need.
EHR Integration

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Create a more holistic practice with PracticeSuite’s EHR.

PracticeSuite lets you access the ICD-10 search tool via several methods, including the EHR, the change entry screen, or the charge master. These multiple points of entry help facilitate coding needs for different departments and employees.
Additionally, the ICD-10 code search tool integrates seamlessly with the rest of PracticeSuite’s EHR functions, from e-prescribing and charting to medical billing. Instead of using a standalone product that you have to mesh with your existing software, choose a vendor that offers an all-in-one package.
Taking Charge With Indicators
PracticeSuite also lands at the top of our list because of its user friendliness. For instance, non-billable codes appear in red, while billable codes appear in green. You’ll see multiple indicators to help you navigate the system, and the tabular interface gives each search context. Of course, there’s a GEM-mapping search option included, so you can cross-reference ICD-9 codes when appropriate, then find the appropriate context via the tabular mode.
Best of all, each of these benefits come in mobile form. Physicians can carry their tablets from one exam room to the next, creating the appropriate ICD-10 code on the spot to improve efficiency and productivity.
If you’re looking for the ideal ICD-10 code search tool, give PracticeSuite a shot. Compare plans and pricing, including our free edition, to decide which one meets your needs.

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Last Updated on October 22, 2016