meaningfuluse docsWhen it comes to the EHR incentive program, physicians and medical professionals are required to follow strict standards. The meaningful use rule allows eligible physicians to extend their original technology and make gradual changes rather than trying to meet strict guidelines without enough time to transition into the newer standards.

The Flexibility Benefit

The meaningful use rule ensures that eligible physicians have a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to meeting the EHR incentive program standards for technology and advancements. Although physicians are required to meet the 2014 standards, they are able to combine the current standards with 2011 standards and make changes at a slightly slower pace when compared to previous expectations.
Furthermore, some providers are able to use the 2011 standards so that they can continue to keep up with the incentive program. Due to the information that was gained as part of feedback, greater flexibility was provided; however, the support for the changes is still showing positive results and there are more professionals taking on the newer standards to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

Reporting Period

Although the changes to the meaningful use rule provide physicians and medical professionals with a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to technology and managing the EHR incentive program standards, there is a long reporting period. Since the reporting period is 365 days, it can be tiring for some professionals to keep up with the standards and changes.
Due to the toll that the long reporting period can take on physicians, it may be a negative aspect of the meaningful use rule. There are still areas that can be improved so that physicians and medical professionals are able to handle any changes and make adjustments without facing complications or challenges.
Despite the impact of the reporting period, the changes to the meaningful use rule are providing some positive adjustments for medical professionals. The greater amount of flexibility is a step in the right direction when it comes to providing the best services to patients.

Keeping Up With Changes

Since the rules can change over time, it is important for medical professionals to keep up with the adjustments and check on the standards that are associated with the incentive program on a regular basis. It is not enough to assume that the changes will apply to a particular situation. Physicians should always read the rules and make sure that any amendments or changes are noted so that it is possible to avoid any complications.
The meaningful use rule is changing, but that does not mean that every problem has been eliminated. The changes are allowing physicians who are eligible to enjoy a greater amount of flexibility when it relates to technology and transitioning into new technological standards; however, there are still areas that can be improved and medical professionals must make sure that they are following the rules when it relates to the reporting period.
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Last Updated on April 29, 2021