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What is a Medical CRM Driven Patient Portal?

Almost every medical professional in private practice today has a business website, but very few have a HIPAA compliant patient portal?

It is important to create a patient portal that allows patients to interact with your practice, pay open patient balances, purchase supplements and supplies, schedule appointments with your office, request lab results, ask questions about treatment, get referrals, or easily cancel or reschedule appointments so that costly no-shows are avoided?

What we’ve just described is an ordinary plain-Jane Patient Portal. Here’s the one on steroids:

Imagine your patient clicks on one of the articles in your new Patient Reading Library. It’s an article that you recently wrote on healing skin disorders through natural homeopathic treatment which patients can do themselves at home. Imagine five minutes later, a time when you know your patient’s interest on the matter is at its highest, without your lifting a finger, your patient receives a half-off-your-first-purchase coupon with which they turn around and order the treatment supplies and self-treatment guide from your website. Your staff was just notified to call first thing Monday morning to set up an appointment so you can review the patient’s condition. It is 2am on a Friday night and your sound asleep. –that’s a CRM Driven Patient Portal.

What to look for in a medical EHR

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