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In This Video You Will Learn
Adding appointments, patient check-in/check-out, switch scheduling locations, running eligibility, print superbills, collecting tos payments and print receipts

Go to Scheduler on the left-hand menu bar
– Resource can be a person ( e.g. doctor), piece of equipment (eg. MRI, Ultrasound) or room (e.g. in-house lab
– We offer text and email reminders (one way, no confirmation) up to one day in advance or further out. Patient can get either reminder or both. You can dictate when it goes out, for example 1 day before text, 3 days before email.
– Eligibility can be auto verified up to one day in advance (three days out max). You can also check eligibility in batch using the batch report.

Click into an appointment
Show green check mark for eligibility being active (red check mark if it is not active or not verifiable)
Show Collect from patient today section
Click on new paymentShow credit card pay method
Detail that they can process credit cards directly in PM, save the card on file or setup payment plans.
Cost is at 2.89% flat rate per-transaction

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Questions from above video

    1. Where can I add new appointment types and setup default appointment durations for appointment types?
    Open Scheduler and click on the Legend next to the calendar to add/edit the appointment types.Open Advanced Setup menu and All Lookups and then Schedule Status Lookup to add new Schedule Types.Open Scheduler and then hit the Scheduler Options and add/edit Appointment Type from there.Open All Lookups screen from Advanced Setup menu and then go to Scheduler Type lookup item to add/edit the type.

    2. How can I temporarily change the scheduler view viz. Provider, time or days? Please select the most apt answer.
    Use the Search filter on the right hand side of the Scheduler screen to make changes to the view.Right click on the Schedule to change the view.Click on Scheduler Options menu and then select Search Appointment to change the view.Open the Practice and Provider screens and change the Working Hours time and other setups there temporarily to change the view.

    3. Can I add new appointment statuses or edit my status list?
    Yes – appointment statuses are customizable.No – to keep the integrity of the added appointments, this is kept non-editable.

    4. Can I change the default appointment status and how?
    No, this cannot be changed but a default can be cleared, so no default appointment exists.Yes. Open the Scheduler menu (ellipsis at the top right hand side) of the Scheduler screen and hit the Scheduler Options and change the 'Default Schedule Status'.No. This cannot be done.Yes. Open the Practice Options screen and under General tab and use the 'Default Schedule Status' to change the default.

    5. How can I print a payment receipt off the schedule?
    Not possible. Have to use the Payments screen search to find the payment and print.Open Report Central and Appointment Reports and run the Appointment End of Day Reconciliation Report and export to PDF to print the receipts for the day.In the appointment shortcut menu of an appointment, select Payment shortcut and enter payment info and hit Save and Print option to print a receipt.Use Search Appointments option from the Scheduler screen menu (ellipsis) to find the appointment and then hit the Print option next to the appointment to print a receipt.

    6. What report to use to see all patient payments collected for the day or date range?
    Appointment End of Day Reconciliation Report in Appointment Reports section of Report Central.Appointment Schedule Report in Appointment Reports section of Report Central.Payment Deposit Report in Charges and Payments section of Report Central.Posting Detail Report in Charges and Payments section of Report Central.

    7. Where can I see any cancelled appointments of a patient?
    Cancelled Appointments Report in Report Central.Schedule History tab of the Patient and look for the Cancelled appointments.Cancelled appointments are deleted from the system and are not visible in any screens or reports.Hit the Cancel appointment option in the appointment to view any canceled appointments.