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In This Video You Will Learn
Use X-Superbill for processing of charges, Charge Master (Edit Charges) and Claim Rebills

Go to charges>xsuperbill to bring up the screen
Demonstrates where all charges come in from EHR
Go to charges, xsuperbill, select charge master/UB04

– Filter by provider, insurance, DOS, service location (use more filter button)
– Come in from EHR, user can review and make changes either inline (double click on any line to update things such as DOS, modifier, fee amount, etc.) or by pressing the edit charge button (blue button on the far right)
– Once everything looks good, check off the box to the far left (next tp provider) to mark the claim as worked and move onto the next one. Once all claims are selected check off “process” at the bottom right

Questions from above video

    1. Which statement accurately defines the primary function of X-SB screen?
    To modify charges in bulk before they are processed.To view, modify and process imported charges.For batching, submission and printing of claims.Used for moving charges from a sent status to a new or hold status

    2. You can force a charge to be processed even if it has an error?

    3. What status would be used for first time processing of an insurance charge?

    4. You cannot make any inline claim/line edits on the X-SB screen. Edits have to be made from Charge Master screen.

    5. You have to access Patient screen by going into the Patient menu and Search the Patient. Currently, you cannot directly access the Patient Info from X-SB.

    6. Which of the following Line Statuses can you move Charges on the X-SB screen?
    From New or Hold to BIll to PR, BIll to PT, Bill to GR or Void.From New or Hold to Claim Sent to PR or Claim Rebilled to PRFrom Claim Sent to PR, Claim Sent to SE or Claim Sent to TR to BILL to PR or BILL to SE or Bill to TRFrom Claim Rebilled to PR, Claim Rebilled to SE or Claim Rebilled to TR to Bill to PR or Bill SE or Bill to TR