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Front office efficiency can affect practice revenue by as much as 35%
And lost revenue pre-appointment never makes it onto an A/R report. It vanishes before the
patient even arrives. 35% of $1M is $350,000––unreported, gone, as if it never existed.

The Solution? Relationship+Connection+Communication, with:

Touchless Online Appointments, Registration and Check-in
Automated Eligibility (batch and manual checks)
Automated Reminders with no show re-engagement
Bi-directional patient messaging & broadcast messaging
ePayments that auto-post to the patient ledger
e-Statements with a convenient payment link
eFax communication. Never pay for eFax again

HelloHealth by PracticeSuite
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Patient Needs Have Evolved
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Hello Health + PracticeSuite

HelloHealth SMART Practice

The Future of Office Communications & Patient Engagement

Start saving thousands today staying connected with patients on a 360° office communication platform that simplifies: messaging, payments, intake, and check-in; for closer patient contact and greater office efficiency. 

HelloHealth unifies all patient engagement into a single application that includes e-fax, e-statements, mobile, video, secure text, chat, appointment reminders and check-in. 

A $249 Value. But to clients using PracticeSuite’s patient portal it’s free.

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Patient Needs Have Evolved

Provider Benefits

A single unified messaging platform for all patient communication

The HelloHealth App keeps you connected with your patients, and keeps your patients connected to you!

Appointment automation saves your practice 41 hours per month and reduces office cost $5 per visit on average

Simple to use to send notifications, text, chat, video-chat

Eliminates the cost of all other patient engagement apps

eFax, eStatements, eRegistration, Appointment reminders, e-Payments, notifications, mobile check-in and more

Speedier payments: Proven to increase revenue, ePayments speed up time-to-pay and they autopost – a big time saver!

The HelloHealth platform provides a natural environment for patients to upgrade and subscribe to any premium member services offered by you and your practice

Provider Benefits

The Growing Cost of Engagement

New Patient Acquisition $$$
Online Appointments $$
Appointment Reminders $$
Notifications, Secure Text & Chat $$
eRegistration & Mobile Check-in $$
Telehealth $
Electronic Statements and e-Payments $$
Online Reviews $

The cost of patient engagement is growing higher in two ways: Poor patient communication is shown to result in poorer outcomes and potential medical errors. On the other hand, effective patient engagement isn’t cheap, in fact it’s outright expensive. But by harnessing the power of HelloHealth you can achieve great patient communication and improve office efficiency while actually reducing costs by thousands per year.

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Patient Features & Benefits

A single application for all your healthcare interactions. In one App you can:

Fill forms one time (new forms filled with a QR code)
Schedule appointments, receive reminders, mobile check-in
Manage a centralized calendar for all your family's healthcare needs
Receive eStatements, manage balances, schedule payments
Message office staff, telehealth, virtual check-in, and more!
Become a Premium Member at your practice and experience the privileges offered by your practice's Concierge membership plan
Patient Features & Benefits​

Did you know that recently, your patients have become your clients?

More so, they’ve become clients of privilege

They live in a highly connected world, flourishing with efficiency. You enjoy this too many times a day. But is your office a part of it? Even at the center of it?  Patient needs have evolved and the HelloHealth 360 Office Communication Platform is your response to that
evolution. Not just a practice solution, the App is also a patient facing suite of utilities that keeps your patients connected to you and your office –  naturally.

clients network

The HelloHealth connected office platform futureproofs your office to adapt quickly to changing patient’s needs with enhanced security and streamlined communication, making your physician services always accessible while reducing office noise through automation.

Why a Smart + Connected Practice?

Smart + Connected practices bring staff, office and patients together seamlessly to remove friction and noise around the patient experience. The result is an elevated experience for patients, your team, and the entire organization. Make your office part of a smart + connected world flourishing with efficiency.

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