Billing Software for 150 Specialty Types

Billing Software

For 150 Specialty Types

PracticeSuite provides medical billing software solutions to over 150 specific medical billing specialties ranging from anesthesiology to urology.

Single UserFree Edition –No Purchase Required. 100% Free Version

PracticeSuite offers a no strings attached, single user account that’s truly 100% free, with no purchase required, featuring 25 electronic commercial claims per month. Enjoy our HIPAA secure, state of the art billing software by starting out with our free version.

Today, 57,000 medical professionals including Solo Practitioners, Medical Centers, and Large Medical Groups, rely on PracticeSuite’s cloud based medical billing technology to efficiently run their practice. Every office essential required to run your practice is available, plus there are no annoying Ads.


We make money the old fashion way; we earn it, by offering high value add-ons at bare bones cost; such as unlimited text message appointment reminders, or unlimited e-Statements. All third-party services such as clearinghouses or merchant card processing are optional; our commitment to you is 100% free, user friendly billing software.

Evaluate for yourself today. There’s no obligation to continue. You could be filing real claims using our free software in just 3 minutes.

You decide whether our free software is better than the paid versions of:

  • Medisoft
  • Lytec
  • Kareo

Our free plan is a complete and comprehensive medical billing software that is unmatched in rich practice management features. And having access to truly free software for patient billing means that you may never have to pay for billing software again. Our 100% Free web-based CMS-1500 Software contains powerful electronic claim and practice management capabilities to automate all your medical billing and to help your practice run more efficiently.

In our Free version, you can print or create electronic Commercial claims. (Commercial claims are claims other than Medicare, Medicaid, or BC/BS). And you can effectively manage them every step of the way on our secure, cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere, anytime and is 100% HIPAA Secure and Compliant.

This cutting edge practice management software contains a powerful, robust patient scheduler with advanced features such as flexible appointment times, double/triple booking, and the ability to color code dedicated blocks of time.

See for yourself just how powerful and how user friendly this awesome medical billing software really is! Sign Up, Begin Billing in Minutes!

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