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Practice Management

Technology’s Role in Building a Resilient Orthopedic Business Model

Health technology is usually touted as helping physicians become more efficient, improve patient outcomes, and spend more time with patients (by spending less time on paperwork). With the right software and training, these can certainly be accomplished—but can technology help you grow your business? A research paper submitted to the American College of Medical Practice Executives makes a good

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Practice Management

How Far Are You Going to Protect PHI?

Does your PHI plan have a strong cybersecurity component? HIPAA requires medical practices to use all available means to secure their protected health information (PHI). Many practitioners don’t understand that this includes vendor selection. PHI is your responsibility. Should a data security issue arise with one of your software vendors, you may be held responsible if more preventative options were available.  Learn more Cyber threats have dramatically increased

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PracticeSuite Telehealth : Don’t Fall Behind the Technology Curve

Telehealth is becoming the new norm, make sure your practice is up to date Written by: Savannah LowryTechnology opens new doors everyday, and for the healthcare field a strong advancement is the world of telehealth. As we are never one to slack on innovation, PracticeSuite has launched our own Telehealth platform for practices. Now, more

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