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Remote or face to face, see patients seamlessly and with equal ease. Boost revenue by staying connected to patients. Over 61 EHR specialties and 160 Billing specialties. You can rely on the strength of our practice management software to meet the demanding needs of your clinic. 

Improve Revenue At Your Practice With a Complete Virtual Office

Our practice management platform with integrated telehealth allows you to consult patients from anywhere on any available device while your office stays busy with face to face encounters.

Practice Features


Boost collections with e-Payments, proven to increase revenue!

Optimize Billing

Manage multiple contract rates and fee schedules and office locations.

Engage Patients

Empower self-registration and improve scheduling with reminders.

Get Instant Insights

At-a-glance revenue dashboards and AR management.

Telehealth Features

Patient Oriented

Patient designed for easy, remote care on any device available to the patient.

Visit Notes

Integrated documentation including photos. All chat, call notes, and screen snaps copy over to clinical encounter


Templates already created for most common use cases, or created for you as required.

Include Staff / Caregivers

Multi-window conferencing makes it easy to include additional staff or caregivers

or call

(813) 607-2255

We never share your information with anyone

PracticeSuite is a complete, cloud based practice management solution. Our fully integrated PM/EHR software-suite can be used as is, or be integrated with your existing EHR. Practice remotely, or on-premise, seamlessly with equal ease. Stabilize revenue by staying connected to patients. Learn why doctors everywhere are choosing a single practice solution to manage their entire clinic workflow, to practice profitably.

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