Web-based Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software

For years, businesses have been putting up with software that requires an expert to install, crashes frequently, is costly to upgrade, and that requires expensive servers and networking hardware. Then there’s the challenge of synchronizing data between locations, keeping data secure and HIPAA compliant, and the day-to-day maintenance and support requiring a support person or onsite technician. These extra costs add up in a hurry.

The outdated traditional model has reigned for decades but is now come to an end.

SaaS (Software as a Service) has found mass adoption in almost every Fortune 500 company one can think of: Companies such as IBM, Oracle, BofA, Wells Fargo, ADP and hundreds of others have deployed SaaS systems to improve data security, meet tightening compliance regulations, and to reduce software cost while improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Move to Cloud Computing and eliminate the cost and hassles of the old model.

The Disadvantages of on-location Server-based software:
  1. Expensive upfront costs for Licenses and hardware
  2. Difficult to install, expensive to upgrade
  3. Frequent crashes and re-starts
  4. Problematic data backup and restoration
  5. HIPAA exposure from inadequate network security
  6. Expensive maintenance personnel and support costs
Compare The Advantages of Web-Based Software
  1. No Upfront Licenses or Hardware to Purchase
  2. No Software to Install or Maintain
  3. Secure Cloud Computing Automatically HIPAA Compliant
  4. Data Backed up Incrementally in Real Time
  5. Failsafe Redundancy, Full Nightly Backups
  6. Fortune 500 Enterprise Class Technology
  7. All Support Costs, Updates, Upgrade Included in Subscription

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Cloud Computing’s Advantages

  • World Class Security
  • Trust and Transparency
  • Performance
  • High Performance
  • Portability to other system
  • Geographically distributed
  • You Own Your Data
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to Data
  • Automated Backup, Failsafe Redundancy
  • Easy Termination of Service
  • Cloud Architecture Provides High Availability

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