Medical billing software is essential in order to stay competitive in today’s healthcare industry, but for some practices, especially startups, the costs associated with such software can be a difficult challenge to meet. In time, your practice may be expected to grow, both in terms of revenue and size, but for now, what options do you have if limited cash flow exists? Thankfully, there are free software solutions available that can allow your practice to take advantage of a variety of billing management features with the option to move into enterprise-level systems later when the time is right and revenue has increased.
What is Included in Most Medical Billing Software Products?
Although no two free software solutions are the same, many include features that are similar, and as a result, you’ll want to find one that provides options that are above and beyond the others. For example, many software products provide healthcare facilities with ICD-9 coding support, but not all offer ICD-10 training, and obviously, you’ll want to choose a solution that provides for ICD-10 as this is the way of the future.
In addition, many free healthcare and billing software products will only offer free trials that eventually end, forcing users to make a purchase or risk losing patient data. This tactic can force a practice manager to make poor financial decisions, and eventually lead to financial distress. Instead, look for a free solution that is unlimited and does not force you to make a purchase in order to continue using its functionality.

Medical billing software
Because you likely want to grow your practice, you’ll want to choose a billing software product that can keep up.

Can Your Software Keep Up?
Another consideration when searching for billing software is the ability for it to grow with your practice. Some free solutions are so limited that they are almost useless after your practice grows to a certain size. You’ll want to find a free product that can be scaled to meet the needs of your practice and patients over time. This is also where you’ll want to look for (free) software that can be converted into a paid enterprise-level solution if necessary. The transition between the free trial and the enterprise-level version needs to be seamless in order to not only protect data, but also to ensure convenience for your practice’s staff and patients.
PracticeSuite Provides Healthcare Billing Software in Both and Enterprise-Level Editions
If you’re unsure as to which or enterprise-level software solution your practice needs, contact PracticeSuite to speak with an expert. PracticeSuite provides cloud-based billing software for medical practices in both and enterprise-level editions, and its software provides all of the benefits mentioned above plus many more. Using PracticeSuite’s free version, you’ll have unlimited functionality for features such as HIPAA-secure backup and storage, no ads or third-party data analysis, and the ability to submit up to 25 digital and 25 paper claims per month. When your practice is ready to move up, transitioning to PracticeSuite’s enterprise-level edition is easy and efficient. To learn more, contact PracticeSuite today.
Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include healthcare management and business development.

Last Updated on September 23, 2022

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