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EHR vendorsYour patients’ health is important. Your patients’ privacy is equally important. Medical clients need to know that their medical information is being stored securely. Cloud based storage of electronic health records can help you maintain your data in a place where it is secure yet easy for you and your patients to access.

What is Cloud Based EHR?

Have you ever shuffled through a patient’s paper documents in an effort to find specific medical information? While paper is tangible, it can also be tricky to maintain accurate paper files. Paper can easily get lost in the shuffle.
Cloud based EHR provides an alternative to the paper shuffle. Instead of storing all of your data in paper medical files, your files move online to cloud-based storage. A cloud based EHR system can help you manage your billing and keep track of any denials and even why these denials occurred. It easily produces medical statements for your patients and provides a centralized venue for your practice to add medical details about a patient. It also helps you establish a patient portal, which gives your patients online access to their medical data.

Cloud Based EHR Are Easy to Access

Instead of shuffling papers around, a simple search through an EHR system can help you find what you need. Do you need to change basic patient information or add a medication or a diagnosis? Cloud based EHR systems are easy to access, and they offer the added benefit of eliminating the need for those unsightly filing cabinets that are overflowing with papers. In addition, cloud-based systems are easy to expand. If you add a new location, your cloud-based data travels with you.

Cloud Based EHR Facilitates Excellent Patient Care

Cloud based EHR systems are designed with the twenty-first century patients’ needs in mind. Your patients want to have convenient online access to their medical records, lab test results, and other information. They want to rest secure in the assurance that all of their medical providers can access their patient information when necessary. This can reduce the need to phone, fax or email information between offices and it helps ensure that all health care providers have the big picture about the patient.

Cloud Based EHR Are Private

If you fail to protect your patients’ records sensitive information could end up in the wrong hands. In spite of the ease of access, cloud based electronic health records are also private. They’re stored on a secure server outside your office, so that they won’t be impacted by computer disasters or theft.

Cloud Based Electronic Health Records Save Time

While some are concerned about the cost of implementing a cloud based EHR system, consider the costs that you incur moving slowly through paper or localized billing and distribution of medical records. The ease, speed, and accuracy of a cloud based EHR system can save you money in the long run. Instead of installing an expensive server at your office, cloud based EHR allow you to simply pay as you go, which means you pay a monthly fee for this data storage service.

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

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