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Marketing Your Practice: Medical CRM Software Simplifies the Process

Marketing your practice
CRM software can help you manage communication with your patients.

When you’re a busy physician or medical office assistant, you’re caught up in the day to day of your patients’ needs. It can be hard to think beyond the moment and consider how you’re marketing your practice. However, if you want your practice to grow and change, marketing is essential. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you market your practice without spending a lot of time on advertising.

Generate and Manage Your Email Database
You have a list of patients and their medical needs, but do you treat them as customers? Practice management software can help you build up your email databases and automate the process of emailing your patients. Whether it’s a seasonal greeting or a reminder about a vaccine, you can target and segment your patients into multiple email lists or send out a notice to the entire list. Simplifying your data management makes it much easier to spend time connecting with your patients.

Generate and Nurture Leads
You have a web site, but does it work for you? Your site can be so much more than a description of your physicians and contact information. Using CRM sofware, you can ask for prospective patients’ contact information and nurture these leads once they come into your email system. You can also use software to help your site change to attract the clients you want. If you’re serving a specific clientele or a certain geographic area, you can target your SEO to those particular patients so that you draw in the patients you’re seeking.

Marketing your practice
CRM software can help you manage marketing and communication in all of your social media accounts.

Manage Social Media Campaigns
You may not have time to keep up on all of your social media channels, but your software does. Using CRM software, you can automatically push updates to multiple channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Medical software can help you market yourself through social media, your site, your blog, and phone campaigns.

Track Your Lead Generation
When you’re putting energy into a marketing campaign, you want to know whether it’s paying off. A CRM system can help by tracking each campaign and charting how each one results in new patients in your practice. That way, you can further refine your marketing efforts and make future campaigns even better.

Get Connected

As a medical professional, your marketing is directly related to patients’ health care needs. CRM software allows you to connect with other patient databases so that you can segment lists and target those patients who need to come in for a follow up appointment or for a regular or seasonal appointment. Automate this process so that you don’t need to remember who needs a follow up – the software will do this for you. CRM software also connects to Google tools such as Google Calendar and Docs, so you can share information and schedules. Anticipate patients’ needs and let them know about opportunities to meet those medical needs at your practice. This level of integration helps you improve patient care so that you can retain your existing patients and grow your practice through word of mouth, one of the best forms of marketing.

Building a medical practice is about building relationships, and doing that takes time. Using medical CRM software, you can automate parts of your patient communication, and your practice will see the results. When you’re working to build patient relationships, medical office software systems can help. Contact PracticeSuite to see how our medical CRM software can begin to transform your marketing.

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