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Six Steps to Lock Down Patient Data
If you have hundreds of physicians to bill for or just one, you can run into complicated and complex billing scenarios. Maintaining the highest level of collections requires a  Revenue Cycle Management  System designed to make the grade and handle demanding tasks.
Whether you bill for one practice or many, our RCM software suite makes choosing the right medical software an enjoyable task, and our affordable pricing makes getting started a cinch. Review our  All-In-One medical software feature and see why it is the top choice of office administrators, RCM Companies and Medical Billing Services large and small nationwide. Get started today!


RCM Feature Highlights

  • Cross Practice Single Screen Multi-Practice Dashboard with financial KPIs
  • Single Sign-on Master Login
  • Practice Messaging
  • Document Manager: Manage superbills, EOBs and other documents in a robust, workflow-based, secure tracking system
  • Financial Reporting Package: Reports designed to make RCM companies shine!
  • Access to .CSV data dump for custom reporting
  • Scan and store documents online
    – Incoming faxes create an automatic ticket and PDF attachment
    – Sent emails or faxes automatically create a ticket
    – Create links with EOBs, super-bills and other documents to reference scanned documents
    – Assign tickets to staff to monitor, communicate with client, or other staff
    – Maintains a complete step-by-step audit trail
    – Monitor open tickets and effectively manage office workload
  • Real-time User Productivity Monitoring and Reporting

ICD-10 Coding Software

  • ICD9 to ICD10 Dual Mode Coding Software
  • Print New CMS-1500 (Version 02/12) Claim Form
  • Print/Electronic Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Claims
  • ICD10: Supports up to 12 Diagnosis Codes
  • Instant ICD10 Crossover for ICD9 codes (ICD-10 Code Lookup)
  • ICD10 Claim Validator
  • ICD10 Super-Bill Convertor

Complex Billing Scenarios

  • Setup multiple legal entities each with its own Group NPI and Tax ID
  • Multiple locations, Multiple Providers, Multiple Specialities each with its own Group NPI/NPI and Tax ID
  • Setup Group NPI and Tax IDs where individual providers have their own NPI and Tax ID
  • Setup multiple individual Provider NPI/Tax ID (SSN) combinations
  • Setup multiple Billing Provider NPI/Tax ID combinations
  • Setup secondary non NPI insurance specific PINs
  • Setup referring provider with supervising provider billing scenarios

Patient Record Management

  • Comprehensive, Robust, 360 degree view of patient information
  • Incomplete Patient Flag. Cannot create charges on incomplete patient data. Reduces claim errors
  • Upload Patient Pictures
  • Make patient record Active or Inactive for archiving
  • Attach multiple primary, secondary or tertiary insurances
  • Attach multiple financial classes or billing cases
  • Exempt from Meaningful Use Reporting feature
  • Quick access to statement history, ledger, eligibility history, authorization history, recall history, payment history
  • Quickly print labels, custom letters, demographic sheets and others
  • Placeholder to reference other systems — PC Ref#
  • Access patient’s complete Note History (Billing, Scheduling, Patient, Collections)
  • Scan and Attach documents to patient record
  • Attach multiple guarantors to patient – Individual / Organization
  • Track Patient by Referring Provider or Other External Referral sources
  • Patient Alerts

Powerful, Flexible Scheduler

    • Simple and easy Scheduler interface
    • Color Code Appointment by Status
    • Predefine Appointment time slots: e.g. 30 Minutes for new patient, 15 minutes for follow-up, etc
    • Built-in Eligibility Verification
    • Single click option to view weekly or daily schedule
    • Search patient appointments
    • Multiple apptointments on the same time slot
    • Keep multiple appointment screens open while you navigate to other areas of the application
    • Easy to set follow-up and recurring appointments
    • Ability to generate forms, superbills, patient labels or patient demographics from scheduler
    • Instant access to patient financial summary
    • Instant access to patient ledger, statements etc.
    • Block single, multiple or recurring appointment time slots for a specific Provider
    • Block single, multiple or recurring appointment time slots for the whole Practice/Entity
    • Customize appointments by name for multi-providers practices with supervising physician
    • Schedule Resources/First Available

Last Updated on May 11, 2016

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