Review of Elation Health Medical Billing Service—5 Stars

Elation Health Medical Billing Services
In our review of the 10 best medical billing companies, ElationHealth Medical Billing Service comes in at number 2 with a five star rating based on: Revenue cycle performance metrics, experience and specialties supported, client responsiveness, integrated technology, and over-all customer satisfaction.

Physicians with Elation Health’s Clinical First EHR can take advantage of its billing services to automate billing code entry. Codes can flow directly from a visit note to the practice management system—and vice versa. The service also provides reporting and alerts to close documentation gaps, increasing revenue and giving providers the support they need to focus on patients rather than financials.

With integration with Elation’s billing partner PracticeSuite, physicians can eliminate double entry of billing codes, resolve billing errors with the Requiring Action queue, track and pull billing data through report options, and submit reporting for quality payment programs such as Medicare’s Meaningful Use and/or Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

According to software review site Software Advice, Elation Health is a cloud-based, clinically focused electronic health record solution for physicians who are looking for an ONC-ATCB certified EMR along with patient scheduling, medical billing, a patient portal, e-prescribing, e-faxing, and now revenue cycle management services offered through its partnership with PracticeSuite.

Doctors that subscribe to medical billing services receive both ElationHealth’s award winning EHR, and the integrated Practice Management System absolutely free. Meaning zero software cost.

Elation makes medical billing easier for physicians and their staff by offering integrated billing software and outsourced medical billing services—you can focus on your patients while your billing team manages your business.

Elation’s capability to integrate your clinical documentation with medical billing services enables your practice to:

  • Eliminate double entry for billing codes
  • Quickly resolve billing errors with Elation’s Requiring Actions queue
  • Track and pull billing data through extensive report options
  • Submit reporting for quality payment programs like MU and PQRS

On its blog, Elation discusses how integrated billing helps you streamline your billing workflow. Billing from an encounter note is three quick easy steps:

  1. Locate the billing window
  2. Document the billing information
  3. Add the service location and additional billing notes.

Patients can also be invoiced in just a few clicks.

  1. Assign a charge and quantity to each procedure you bill for
  2. Add default charges to the procedures in your popular procedures list
  3. Generate invoices for patients from your bills

And running billing reports is very simple, as shown here.

  1. Click on the Billing button at the top of the Practice Home page
  2. You’ll see all signed and unsigned visit notes that have superbill information entered. You can choose to view the report for any physician in a multi-physician practice.
  3. You can run the report for any period of time, like the last 7 days or a 3-month period.
  4. Once you’ve entered the procedure and diagnosis codes into your billing program, you can add a billing reference number to help you track your workflow.
  5. You can also download the billing report to an Excel-compatible spreadsheet that has all the information your billers need.

The Elation EHR helps improve your billing by:

  1. Allowing you to bill directly from encounters, automating the entry of billing codes directly from a visit note
  2. Making it easy edit the order of CPT and ICD-10 codes in visit note encounters to make the billing process much faster
  3. Supplying the most precise diagnosis and CPT code so that a billable and reimbursable code is chosen
  4. Simplifying the billing process to make your practice operations more efficient
  5. Letting you drag-and-drop diagnoses codes and re-arrange codes to make sure the correct order of codes is reflected in your billing information
  6. Helping you sort your billing codes and keep track of your documents with tags
  7. Allowing your billing team to conveniently and effortlessly manage your business so you can focus on delivering phenomenal care for your patients.

Review of Elation Health Medical Billing Service
What doctors are saying about Elation
John Stracks, MD
We tried out two other EMRs before using Elation. Elation has been orders of magnitude better than the others. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, the patient portal works well, and importantly our revenue jumped 30% after we started using it. I’m thrilled with all aspects of it and have been recommending it to every colleague who asks me which EMR to try. Fantastic product, great customer service. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

Rajesh Dalal, MD, PA
I am glad the salesperson from Elation was insistent and honest. Elation is a pleasure to use. I have not heard many doctors saying this (about their EHR). I am able to work from one screen. One feature that most software packages don’t provide is your order sets. With Elation, I am able to save my order sets for many complaints one time and reuse them again and again with two clicks. This is a huge advantage. I love the trending feature that shows the last 3 labs on the results without you clicking more. Elation prompts MIPs requirements right in your note, and with one click you will satisfy it.

Andrew from Family Medicine Associates of San Jose
Our practice has been using Elation EMR for the past 5 years and has been very satisfied with it. Implementation was fast and easy with excellent support. I trained my staff with a 7 minute screen-capture video, and they were up and running. Doctors went in without any advanced training. I suggested they see 2 patients per half day with Elation on their first day and the rest still with paper charts. Most of them came back and said, “It was so easy, I just saw all my patients in Elation.”

About Elation support
Priscilla from Seattle Natural Medicine
Customer service is a dream. Seriously. I once had an issue (ended up being on my end) on a Sunday afternoon and sent a request for a call back the next day—I got a call back 20 minutes after I submitted the request. On a Sunday! I love this product; it makes my life so much easier.

Our  2019 billing company review of  Elation medical billing service  is  5 Stars, as their outsourced billing services partner, PracticeSuite offers the highest level of third-party billing services in the industry. Find out more about medical billing services provided by the Elation-PracticeSuite partnership.
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