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What Can You Do With PracticeSuite Practice Management Software?

Practice Management Software For Private Practice

  • Works effectively from Solo Practices to Large Medical Group
  • Multi-Specialty, Multi-location, Multiple Tax Id’s
  • Anywhere, anytime HIPAA secure access!
  • Professional and Institutional Billing
  • User friendly, intuitive, easy to learn and implement
  • ICD-10 Dual-mode functional now, today!

Front Office

  • Patient Appointment Reminders – Text / Email
  • Built-in instant eligibility Verification and history log
  • Built-in Co-pays and Deductible payment processing
  • Summary of Insurance and Patient Balances on check-in
  • End of Day Reconciliation: Fraud Prevention Reporting
  • Scan and Upload paper documents
  • Reconcile appointment to charge so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Revenue Management: Recall alerts on scheduling for overdue Physical Exam and others
  • Generate missed and cancelled appointment letters
  • Review Statements
  • Todo list, Inter and Intra-office communication

Billing Office

  • Create and track a monthly installment payment plans for patient balances
  • Generate patient statements for installment payment plans
  • Generate pre-collection letters for patients
  • Generate Patient Balances for Collection Agencies
  • Patient Alert with audit trial: Scheduler, Charge Entry and Payment Posting Alert
  • Setup General Ledger to interface with your prefered Accounting Systems
  • Mass Billing
  • Mass Write-off
  • Import/Export Patient Demographics, Appointments, or Charges on industry standard information exchange format (HL7).
  • Three dimensional view during charge capture – scheduler, charge entry and EHR visit narratives
  • Robust and powerful single screen payment posting: Single screen for refund, reversal, adjustments, denials, logs and everything else
  • ERA: Intuitive, flexible and easy to review and update payments and adjustments before auto Posting
  • Robust and Powerful Collections and Denial Management. Do bulk follow-up, reminders, collector productivity and follow through.
  • Multiple Contracts and Fee Schedules. Self Pay, Medicare, and Others
  • Capitated HMO and Auto Adjustments
  • Electronic Secondary claims
  • Flexible clearing house: Use your existing or register with us for claims, ERA and Eligibilty.
  • Integrated Electronic Health Record that generates electronic superbills

Financial Reporting

  • Financial Key Performance Indicator Dashboard: 360 degree reporting
  • Flexible Financial Close Model
  • Daily / Month Reports
  • Reconciliations
  • Productivity Monitoring: Provider, Payer, Procedures, Service Location and Referral
  • Yearly Financial Trend Analysis: View the entire financial health of your practice on a single screen.
  • Insurance Aging: Don’t skew your numbers, split Primary, Secondary and Tertiary to get a true aging
  • Three Dimensional Aging: By Date of Service, By Last Claim Date, By Last Follow-up date
  • Collectors Productivity Monitoring
  • Patient Aging Analysis

Special Features For Large Groups and Practices

  • Single sign-on for multiple locations with granular user security
  • Document tracking system to reconcile super-bills and EOBs
  • All your practice’s monthly deposits in one single screen
  • Consolidated Cross Practice Single Screen Productivity Monitoring
  • Non invasive: Keep your existing clearing house and statement partners
  • Consolidated Cross Practice Single Screen Dashboard Reporting