Electronic Statements and Payments

Get Paid Quicker By Accepting Electronic Payments

  • Bottom line? Less costs and less labor for e-Statements verses mailing paper
  • Ditch the manual work mailing ineffective paper statements patients don’t want anyway
  • Includes an electronic payment link (80% better chance of being paid promptly)
  • Payments automatically applied to patient balance and reconciled
  • Activate instantly. Enroll today, start receiving payments tomorrow!

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Boost Revenue and Reduce Patient Timelines

Payment Benefits Built For Your Patients


Convenient Online Bill Payment Options from Patient Portal.

On File

Secure Card On File Processes to Automate Patient Due Payments.


Establish Recurring Payments for Multiple Visits or Balance Payoff.


Hybrid Patient Billing with e-Statements and Online Bill Pay.

Balance Alerts

Balances Available in
Patient Portal.


Simple Invoicing to Practices Bring Clarity and Transparency in Fees.

Ready to See PracticeSuite for Yourself?

Boost Your Revenue with the Right Patient Payment Strategy

With high patient out-of-pocket responsibilities, medical practices can’t afford to skimp on patient payment options. Using PracticeSuite’s embedded patient payment services, you won’t miss an opportunity!

Any Card Type

Accept any card, any time.

All Instances

Payments in office, via phone, and online.

Any Transaction

Initial payments, refunds, partial refunds, recurring charges.

All Charges

Co-pays, deductibles, self-pay charges, co-insurance.

Always Affordable

Simple flat fees, transparent billing.

Payment Benefits Built For Your Patients

Flat Fees

All Credit/Debit Types are the Same Percentage; No Added Transaction Fees.


Credit/Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, FSA, HSA

Medical Billing

Payment Transactions, Authorizations, and Refunds Tracked in Patient’s Account.


How Much Are Patient Payments Worth to Your Practice?

Recent studies show that patient payments represent 30 – 40% of medical practice revenue. Use this calculator to see just how much you might be putting at risk by limited patient payment options.

Total Annual Collections ($)
Percentage Patient Portion (Default to 30% if unsure)
Annual Patient Payment Value