PracticeSuite’s electronic fax solution enables users to securely send and receive patient documents and protected health information in compliance with HIPAA.

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eFax Key Features

Versatile cover letters pre-filled with department/role

Faxed documents mapped to patient record

Easy Provider Search

Fax from within clinical record or document manager

Fax discharge summaries, referral notes, continuity care documents, and lab orders

Add comments/annotate

Keep your existing fax number

Detailed fax reporting and audit trial

Archive older documents


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eFax Key Features

Patient privacy rules allow covered healthcare providers to share protected health information for treatment purposes, as long as they use compliant safeguards when doing so. PracticeSuite’s electronic fax solutions enables customers to send and receive electronic faxes seamlessly, reliably and securely.  Here are some key features:

Cover Letters.

The Letter Master gives you the option to use either a standard fax cover letter or your own fully customizable letter with system tags that populate patient and administrative information.

Mapping a Fax Document to a Patient

Inbound faxes can be filed directly in a patient’s record; the document is automatically saved in the patient’s document history, where it remains easily discoverable and retrievable for future use.

Quick Provider Search

Type a provider’s name in the compose new fax window and easily send a document with a single click.

Fax Patient Electronic Health Records to providers or payers in a frictionless workflow.
Archive Functionality.

Move old documents to an archive folder for compliant record-keeping and review.

Add comments to your faxes for both you and your colleagues’ reference.
Number portability.

If you have an existing fax number and want to keep it, it can be easily ported into our system.

Detailed Fax Reporting.

You can monitor fax traffic and get top-level summaries over time using our Fax Transaction Report.

eFaxing Benefits

Provider Search

Fax discharge summaries, referral notes, and continuity care documents

Fax from within the clinical record or billing

Fax lab

Add comments

Keep your
existing fax number

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