Online Review Management

Ensure your patients are happy. Harness their positive feedback. Grow your business!

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Google +Local

The cornerstone of your online marketing effort is that of claiming and taking control of your local presence on Google+. We manage the entire process to make sure nothing’s left to chance.

Patient Portal

Our basic ORM product includes a MU compliant patient portal, a patient engagement landing page, and a physician profile similar to or HealthGrades, but one you control.

Every Patient

At our $299/mo level, you begin triggering patient satisfaction surveys to every patient. Patients are able to specify where these ratings are pushed: To Google +Local, other rating sites, and social media.

How It Works

We have a finely honed process wherein month one, a discovery process takes place and our service team gathers all the data we’ll need. Then we initiate Google’s verification process. We then manage every online mention of you, and of your practice, until all information is up to your preset standard.

Online Review Management Software

Prospective patients believe the word of existing patients. If you’re successful in getting your happy patients to talk, then practice growth becomes natural, steady, and organic. Ensure patient satisfaction. Get them talking.

Sign up for our 3 Month Trial and receive the definitive guide to Online Reputation Management by Dr. Kevin Pho, MD from Greenbranch Publishing. This is the manual by which we manage your online reputation.

Our unique ORM management dashboard puts you in control of all efforts on your behalf. Manage your customer satisfaction, physician ratings, and social media from one easy dashboard.

See results with every published survey and patient testimonial. After the first 60-90 days, you should expect to see new clients reaching out to you regarding their condition.

Our Concierge Service Level is our full service growth package. It guarantees at least 1-3 new patients per month, and if we don’t deliver, you don’t have to pay that month’s fees.

Take patient engagement to a whole new level––create community. Our Practice Portal allows you to organize events, circulate newsletters, run email campaigns, and engage patients in a “high-touch” environment.

Don’t just manage your online reputation, take control of it with unparalleled tools and automation. We’re 100% certain that you’ll be happy with your choice, and delighted with the results you achieve with our service.

What happens when you calculate

the lifetime value of a patient?

One unhappy patient can turn away many prospective patients. Let us show you how to effectively ensure that every patient you see is 100% satisfied. Contact Sales at (813) 607-2255