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Patient-Centered Engagement

Engaged patients translates to healthier people

The Value-Add

PracticeSuite’s Patient Engagement tool empowers practices to go the extra mile and fosters continuous active participation from patients about their healthcare journey and outcomes.

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Understanding Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement is a phrase that has seen an uptick in recent years; however, by no means is it just a trend. The idea behind Patient Engagement has been around for a while and comes from the concept that patients and providers can work together to better health outcomes for patients. 

When patients are given more opportunities to be involved in their healthcare journey – research has proven that we see better outcomes as a whole. This promotes opportunities for mutual accountability and opens a clearer line of communication between patients and healthcare providers. 

Patient Engagement tools give patients a direct line to their providers with a host of features including: two-way chat, patient portal, online appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, access to labs and medical records, etc.

What You'll Get

ePayments and e-Statements accelerate payments, reduce phone calls, and the payments post directly to the patient ledger

PracticeSuite allows you to see reports, upload, and manage from one instance and one login for different locations – a must-have for larger groups. 

Automated messages based on location, doctor, appointment type, or whether they have more than one appointment. 

We pick up the phone. We think it’s fundamental, but not everyone does. 

Appointment reminders, no-show reengagement, and secure messaging reduce office distraction.

PracticeSuite includes Messenger with all products so that patients can reply to any reminder and start a 2-way chat with the office staff over SMS.

Last minute changes, delays or emergencies? PracticeSuite makes it easy to quickly notify your patients and staff – by provider, appointment time or location.

Keep patients engaged with a fully integrated HIPAA secure patient portal

Under how patients feel about your practice, their care interactions, and their experience.


Focus on the patient, not the technology.


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