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Seven Ways Elation Health’s EHR Boosts Your Practice’s Revenue

Looking at EMR companies’ websites, you might be tempted to dismiss them as essentially the same. And that’s true—to an extent. The fact is, most EMRs are similar because they were built atop practice management systems designed around linear processes and office workflows that have little to do with diagnosing a condition or charting a clinical encounter. In other words, it’s software that was developed for office administrators and billers; and as an afterthought, a clinical layer was added for physicians and renamed an EMR.

The opposite is true for Elation Health’s software, which was built from the ground up as a “Clinical First” EHR.

Elation’s EHR connects to an end-to-end practice management system but does so secondarily, keeping all patient data a click away in a single-screen “cockpit” that eliminates the need to click into other areas looking for histories, medication lists, or previous notes. The layout of the centralized clinical dashboard makes charting unobtrusive, allowing the patient to remain at the center of the clinical encounter and the doctor to remain present with the patient.

But can Elation’s clinically-oriented EHR also help primary care physicians boost their practice revenue?
Yes. Here are seven ways Elation EHR can increase your revenue, especially your bottom line.

  1. Save time during every visit. Most EHRs lock primary care physicians into a linear flow, forcing them to complete one section before moving to the next. Elation’s EHR interface lets clinicians move easily between the new visit note, the chronological record with lab results, and the clinical profile with key patient information, problem list, medications, and more. This setup saves several minutes of clinician time during each visit (not to mention lowering their frustration level). Multiply that by multiple visits per day, week after week, and clinicians get back many hours per year they can spend with patients or on other tasks.
  2. Achieve better documentation in less time. Because Elation EHR was created for the way primary care physicians work (rather than how the office works), documentation is easier and faster. Tasks that take five minutes to complete in other programs consistently take three minutes or less in Elation EHR.
  3. Close care gaps with less staff. Elation EHR makes it easy to find and contact patients who are due for a wellness visit, screening, or other care. Bulk letters can be set up to go out automatically, freeing up administrative staff for other tasks. When patients receive the notification, they can go online and schedule an appointment, greatly reducing scheduling calls.
  4. Save time and effort with pre-filled reporting and billing information. Elation’s EHR automates certain steps that make it easy to set up and use, and they often include relevant codes so clinicians can skip extra steps required to report on incentives. Similarly, Elation EHR has a bi-directional interface to PracticeSuite’s scheduler and billing system that ensures demographic and insurance information entered into one system automatically populates in the other. Since human error entering basic data is one of the top ten reasons for claim rejections, this automation results in fewer claim errors and denials.
  5. Successfully participate in value-based care programs. Every physician aims to provide top-notch care, but participating in government-run value-based care programs can be complicated, and primary care physicians worry about the potential for decreased revenue. Elation’s EHR takes the guesswork out of these programs with clinical reminders about potential care gaps. The software evaluates the patient’s age and diagnosis and prompts the clinician about appropriate tests or screenings. Prompts appear at the top of the visit note to not interfere with physician workflow, and can easily be dismissed by the physician if unwarranted.
  6. Reduce under-coding and the risk of audit due to over-coding. Practices that use Elation Health EHR get the advantage of a special OIG/CMS Bell Curve & Under Payment Solution. The program evaluates the practice’s E&M coding data in real time and sends an alert when there’s a danger of crossing over Medicare’s bell curve. It’s specialty specific and will also alert when revenue is being lost due to under-coding.
  7. Gold standard RCM Services. In addition to its “Clinical-First” approach to patient care, its streamlined charting, its guidance to achieve Value Care incentives, and its bidirectional interface with PracticeSuite, Elation EHR also offers expert revenue cycle management services through this partnership. It’s yet another step that allows physicians to focus on patient care rather than technology, compliance, and insurance billing. When you choose Elation Health EHR to manage your insurance billing, you can rest assured that costs are decreasing and collections are rising, and that efficiencies are being put into place to assure optimal practice management for your improved financial health.

Elation Health EHR is proving that not all EHRs are created equal—Elation helps their users with complicated undertakings such as taking advantage of automation to reduce staffing levels and ensuring they’re being paid in full for the work they’re doing. To learn more about how Elation EHR can boost your practice’s revenue, call the number below.

(813) 607-2255

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