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Practice Management Software

Transform the way you practice and become more profitable

The Value-Add

PracticeSuite’s Practice Management module is built with a foundational understanding of how medical practices operate and empowers them to boost profitability. 

Built for Business

Be in control of everything your practice does to operate from front-office management to submitting claims for reimbursement

Always Secure, Always Available

Built completely on the cloud allowing practice staff secure access from any connected device

Live Within Minutes

No hardware, no downloads and no waiting period to go live so you can begin seeing patients immediately

Great Customer Support

Our customer support team is on hand to assist with any questions. Simply live chat, call, or email us

What You'll Get

Streamline the amount of calls coming into the front-office by offering automatic appointment scheduling

Keep patients engaged with a fully integrated HIPAA secure patient portal

Get patients registered and checked-in quickly to keep things flowing smoothly

Get paid quicker by giving patients the chance to pay online with a card

Reconcile superbills, charges, and end of day patient pay with precision and accuracy

Easily complete eligibility verification in batches with detailed coverage responses

Your focus should be on the patient, not the technology.

PracticeSuite is one of the few fully integrated end–to–end cloud based EHR/EMR systems available today. Our affordable pricing is unmatched, but more importantly, our quality customer care and high client satisfaction set us apart from the rest. 


We understand that not all medical practices are the same, so when it comes to specialty-specific or practice size needs - PracticeSuite has you covered.

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