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Driving critical healthcare initiatives forward

The Value-Add

PracticeSuite was designed ground-up with interoperability in mind. Seamless integration across various platforms allowing for care management without any gaps. 

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What is Interoperability?

Interoperability focuses on the ability of a system to work closely and communicate with another system. An essential part of healthcare depends on this as patients move between providers, specialists, complete lab orders, and request prescriptions.

Erase Duplication of Work

Reduce Documentation Errors

Minimize Administrative Costs


What Does Interoperability Mean to PracticeSuite?

Our system is designed as an open-architecture application to connect and exchange data to meet our partners’ needs.

Robust APIs that create a true platform experience for PracticeSuite partners and clients.

Plug and Play API empowers practices using the PracticeSuite platform to be a true-app exchange marketplace.

Seamlessly Advancing Care Management

PracticeSuite enables interoperability with our full suite of solutions 

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