Billing Service Software for Medical Billing Companies

Your Success is Our Mission

Win New Business Consistently by Offering The Winning Technology

Are you ready to compete for new business and go toe to toe with Athena and other software giants that include a complete practice solution bundled in at no cost with their RCM services?

It may feel sometimes like the only edge you have to win new business are your superior service levels and trusted relationships with your doctors/clients.

But what if like Athena or Kareo, you too had a complete medical office platform to offer; or even better, what if you had The Practice of the Future to offer along side your superior services?

A ravenous crowd is after your clients approaching them with the enticing bait of bundled software. But armed with a superior system, your higher service levels and trusted relationships automatically best them. Given your higher performance, all that’s required to compete with a software giant is better technology, and with it you become unstoppable.


The PracticeSuite RCM-Partner Program is designed for just that; to make you unstoppable in winning new business away from software vendors who have lower service levels but nonetheless win business by combining commoditized rates with free software. But when you offer prospective new clients a superior technology, you create a value advantage that cannot be overcome: namely, higher collection levels, integrity and trust, and with PracticeSuite as your technology partner, advanced software that gives your practices a modern digital patient experience.

For Your Clients – The Practice of the Future


For You, a Central Billing Office for Enterprise Wide Efficiency

A comprehensive practice platform with advanced patient engagement and integrated telehealth that puts you in a position of strength and allows you to build your future on a foundation of success. Gain an unfair advantage over your competition and distance yourself from the solutions of yesteryear by delivering the practice of the future – today. 

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