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Transitioning From Quest Quanum to PracticeSuite Helps Physicians Avoid Major Disruption

TAMPA, Fl., Oct. 03, 2023 – Quest’s Quanum EHR is being sunsetted at the end of this year. For many physicians, that date is too close for comfort. Quest made the announcement in January, but migrating to a new EHR is a major endeavor and some providers have still not begun the process.

The cost of switching software is one reason, with estimates ranging from $15K to $70K for an EHR implementation. Fear of disruption is another major factor, including choosing a new system, training clinicians and staff, and coping during the changeover (including lower productivity, staff frustration, and awkward patient interactions).

The decision to onboard a new EHR isn’t something to take lightly, and implementation can suffer if rushed. Several months is the minimum amount of time needed, which means physicians currently using Quanum have little time. Those who wait until November or December are likely to experience cashflow difficulties, patient disruptions, and staffing issues. In addition, they may not be able to properly track and report their performance to CMS during the changeover (MIPS), resulting in potential payment penalties.

“One of the worst mistakes physicians make when implementing an EHR is rushing the process,” says PracticeSuite VP of Sales Steve Johnson. “Having the foresight to begin the process now will serve you well in the long term.”

Rather than waiting or choosing a completely new vendor, many physicians are choosing to migrate to PracticeSuite. In addition to offering a highly customizable end-to-end medical office solution, PracticeSuite has partnered with Quest for the last five years. Quanum customers may not have been aware, but they were experiencing PracticeSuite’s claim management and billing module during that time.

That means PracticeSuite’s technical staff have unique insights into the needs of Quest’s EHR customers, making the transition rapid and painless. Importantly, PracticeSuite’s cloud-based platform lets physicians effortlessly stay up to date with new regulations and never have to worry about security concerns. PracticeSuite recently received SOC2 certification, the highest possible level of global data security.

“Constant change is the one thing you can count on in healthcare technology,” notes Deepesh Damodaran, PracticeSuite’s director of technology. “Our mission for the last 18 years has been providing tools that make patient care more effective so physicians can concentrate on what they’re trained to do.”

PracticeSuite provides the most straightforward onramp in switching EHR’s because many physicians using the Quanum EHR are already using the PracticeSuite practice management system. Go to to explore PracticeSuite’s web-based resource for practices affected by the Quest sunsetting announcement.

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