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UB-04 Medical Billing Software

Exceptional Capabilities at a Great Price

PracticeSuite’s UB-04 billing software is ideal for facility and institutional billing environments, and provides the tools needed to maximize insurance reimbursements.

Monitor how many sessions remain based on coverage limits from prior auth

Automatically verify patient eligibility for coverage before each visit

Quickly determine which UB-04 claims need further action to ensure timely filing and payment

Identify areas of good and poor performance across the revenue cycle to ensure maximum payment

Purpose-built charge entry creates efficiency and reduces errors

Easily set Medicare fees and guard against underpayment


Software for Institutional Billing

Handling the billing of facility related services, which are separate from professional services, requires software that can efficiently produce the CMS-1450 claim form and manage its electronic submission to ensure prompt and proper reimbursement. PracticeSuite’s medical billing software is easy to use and has the UB-04 capabilities you need at an affordable price.

Managing the inpatient non-ambulatory billing for institutions or facilities entails heavy lifting and it requires a team and the tools that are up to task. Software systems designed to manage complex UB-04 billing departments can be expensive, and if not designed specifically for your institutional setting, they can be a poor fit and more of a hindrance. Following is a comprehensive breakdown in specific detail of features required in UB04 software to ensure UB-04 billing success.

Achieving UB-04 Billing Success

A comprehensive guide for understanding UB-04, mastering the UB-04 CMS 1450 Form, and understanding critical components of Institutional billing.